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POSSE Scholarship


What is POSSE?

Founded in 1989, Posse identifies public high school students with extraordinary academic and leadership potential who may be overlooked by traditional college selection processes. Posse extends to these students the opportunity to pursue personal and academic excellence by placing them in supportive, multicultural teams—Posses—of 10 students. Posse partner colleges and universities award Posse Scholars four-year, full-tuition leadership scholarships.

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POSSE Chicago Partner Colleges & Universities:
  1. Agnes Scott College - Decatur, Georgia
  2. Connecticut College - New London, Connecticut
  3. Cornell University - Ithaca, New York
  4. Denison University - Granville, Ohio
  5. DePauw University - Greencastle, Indiana
  6. Middlebury College - Middleburry, Vermont
  7. Oberlin College - Oberlin, Ohio
  8. Pomona College - Claremont, California
  9. Trinity College - Hartford, Connecticut
  10. St. Olaf College - Northfield, Minnesota
  11. University of Michigan - Ann Arbor, Michigan
  12. University of Wisconsin-Madison - Madison, Wisconsin


The Posse Foundation has three goals: 1) to expand the pool from which top colleges and universities can recruit outstanding young leaders from diverse backgrounds; 2) to help these institutions build more interactive campus environments so that they can become more welcoming institutions for students from all backgrounds; 3) to ensure that Posse Scholars persist in their academic studies and graduate so that they can take on leadership positions in the workforce.

Are you POSSE?

Posse is looking for individuals who have demonstrated leadership ability, communication and team building skills. High school grade point average and ACT scores are considered but are not solely the basis for selection. Posse looks for
students who have done well academically, but who may not be considering (or might be missed by) some of the top universities (which often rely more heavily upon traditional admissions measures such as ACT scores). Winners of the Posse Scholarship have been positive contributors to their schools and communities. They are the kinds of students who change the climate for the better. They are interested in issues of community and diversity. They are mature team-players who are able to not only take care of themselves, but also to look out for their peers. Remember, Posse welcomes nontraditional candidates—those who may not have considered, or may have been overlooked by top colleges. We are looking for the students who have the perseverance and drive to make it in a highly competitive academic environment if given the support of a positive team of peers, a Posse.

The POSSE Nominee Application Process:

Lane Tech can nominate 25 POSSE candidates each year.  Candidates are selected during their Junior year in May.  In order to be considered as a POSSE Scholar Nominee, Juniors must submit a Nomination Application AND (1) Teacher Recommendation.  Ms. Rosanna Console, Counselor, along with her team, reviews the applications and selects the candidates.  An optional interview can be scheduled upon submission of nomination application. This helps us put a face to an application and get to know you better. 

Nomination Applications and Teacher Recommendation are due to Ms. Console by:
Monday, April 30th by 3:30PM!

POSSE Informational Meeting for Juniors:

When: Monday, April 23 at 3:25PM

Where: Cafeteria

Description: Juniors who are interested in the POSSE Scholarship are welcomed to attend an informational meeting. Juniors will learn about the nomination process, hear from Lane's 2018 POSSE winners, and receive nomination application packets.

Dynamic Assessment Process (DAP):

After being selected as a POSSE Nominee, students undergo a Dynamic Assessment Process (DAP), a unique evaluation method designed to identify young leaders who might be missed by traditional admissions criteria, but who can excel at selective colleges and universities.  This process begins in September through December each year.

Using non-traditional forums to evaluate potential, DAP offers students an opportunity to demonstrate their intrinsic leadership abilities, their skill at working in a team setting, and their motivation and desire to succeed.

DAP has proven to be an extremely effective tool for identifying outstanding young leaders. In a three-part process, including large group and individual interviews, Posse staff and university partner administrators ultimately select a diverse group of 10 students for each college or university, thus forming a Posse.

Previous POSSE Winners:

 Student Class Year
 Trang Nguyen 2018 Denison University
 Dominka Chruszcz 2018 Denison University
 Samuel Rodriguez 2018 Denison University
 Zoey Ellis 2018 Middlebury College
 Magali Coronado 2018 Oberlin College
 Jordan Hunt 2018 Pomona College
 Nina Vo 2018 St. Olaf College
 Jeffery Huang 2018 Trinity College
 Olduz Ilkhchoui 2018 University of Michigan
 Ronni Brent 2018 University of Wisconsin - Madison
 Deryk Gonzalez 2018 University of Wisconsin - Madison
 Laura Moore 2018 University of Wisconsin - Madison
 Szymon Wozniak    2017 Connecticut College
 Abu Qader 2017 Cornell University
 Julie Tran 2017 Denison University
 Sabian Edouard 2017 Middlebury College
 Rania Ziar 2017 Oberlin College
 Malak Afaneh 2017 Pomona College
 Monica Osnaya 2017 St. Olaf College
 Anna Shats  2016 Cornell University
 Kimberly Guiterrez  2016 Denison University
 Alina Panek 2016 Denison University
 Maria Ishak 2016 DePauw University
 Mayra Leon 2016 DePauw University
 Tabatha Sotomayor 2016 DePauw University
 Julia Comacchio 2016 Middlebury College
 Kamil Lungu 2016 Pomona College
 Rene Valenzuela 2016 Pomona College
 Manali Desai 2016 University of Michigan
 Omar Espino 2016 University of Wisconsin - Madison
 Kristina Terziyska  2015 Agnes Scott College 
 Zafar Patel  2015 Cornell University
 Jonathan Roman  2015 Cornell University
 Armando Roman  2015 Denison University
 Gabriella Chavarria  2015 DePauw University
 Caliani Gaytan  2015 DePauw University
 Geovany Martinez  2015 Middlebury College
 Nia Robinson  2015 Middlebury College 
 Melisa Topic  2015 Middlebury College
 Ariel Jordan-Zamora  2015 Oberlin College
 Lanna Sanchez  2015 Pomona College
 Efren Ramirez     2014 St. Olaf College
 Gabriele Bieliauskaite 2014 Denison University
 Justin Cancel 2014 Denison University
 Jenny Pham 2014 Oberlin College
 Ivaylo Pasev 2014 DePauw University
 Evelyn Wronkowski 2014 Agnes Scott College
 Yordanos Goshu 2014 Cornell University
 Shania Sukhi 2014 Cornell University
 Gabriela Zamora     
 2013 Cornell University
 Justin Joseph
 2013 Pomona College
 Robert Harris
 2013 Carleton College
 Richard Tran
 2012 Oberlin College
 Jennifer Idrovo
 2012 Trinity College
 Ricardo Antonio
 2012 Denison University