Private Agency Scholarships

Scholarships can be accessed through a number of different private sources. General scholarships offered from our area are posted online under the Scholarship Bulletin tab (see right).  Scholarship may also be offered by your parent/guardian's employer.  Be sure to ask your parent/guardian. 

Scholarship Scams

Be wary of offers to find scholarships, complete forms for you, or guarantee scholarships for a fee. There are qualified consultants who can assist you in this process. If you choose to utilize their services, consider their qualifications carefully. Find someone who has worked as a financial aid administrator, CPA or CFP who sends information about awards when you request it, makes contact information available, and does not ask for bank/credit card numbers or guarantee you will win an award.

Scholarships from Colleges 
Scholarships from colleges come in numerous forms. The most typical ones are academic, athletic, talent, and leadership. The amounts can range from a couple hundred dollars to full tuition. These scholarships may be awarded automatically or you may have to apply separately. Check the college’s Financial Aid links on their website for other scholarships. Find out if merit awards are renewable and what the requirements are to maintain the awards.