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What Survey Researchers Do:
Survey researchers design surveys and analyze data. Surveys are used to collect factual data, such as employment and salary information, or to ask questions in order to understand people’s opinions, preferences, beliefs, or desires.

Survey researchers design and conduct surveys for different research purposes. Surveys for scientific research cover various fields, including government, health, social sciences, and education. For example, a survey researcher may try to capture information about the prevalence of drug use or disease.

Work Environment:
Most survey researchers work in research firms, polling organizations, nonprofits, corporations, colleges and universities, and government agencies. The majority work full time during regular business hours.

How to Become a Survey Researcher:
Many research positions require a master’s degree or Ph.D., though a bachelor’s degree may be sufficient for some entry-level positions. In addition, employers generally prefer candidates who have previous experience performing research, using statistics, and analyzing data.

To prepare to enter this occupation, students should take courses in research methods, survey methodology, and statistics. Many also may benefit from taking business courses, such as marketing and consumer behavior, and social science courses, such as psychology, sociology, and economics.

The median annual wage for survey researchers was $54,470 in May 2016.

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Annandale on Hudson, NY

Building on a 150-year history as a competitive and innovative undergraduate institution, Bard College's mission has expanded across the country, around the world, and to meet broader student needs. Now, approximately 2,000 undergraduates study in Annandale and more than 200 graduate students study in Bard programs, plus nearly 1,000 students in
our early colleges. Total enrollment for Bard College and its global affiliates is approximately 5,000 students. The undergraduate program at our main campus in the Hudson River Valley of upstate New York retains a reputation for scholarly excellence and civic engagement. We are committed to enriching culture, public life, and democratic discourse by training tomorrow's thought leaders.

Bard College’s setting is less like a typical campus than a vast village spread out across 500 acres of parks and woodland. Located in Annandale-on-Hudson, N.Y., the secluded school is close to the Hudson River and the Catskill Mountains. Many students have views of the campus’s nearby scenery from their dorm rooms. First-year students must live in one of more
than 40 residence halls and houses, on campus, some of which have “alcohol free,” “quiet” and “wellness” themes. For outdoor recreation, students can go horseback riding, canoeing, hiking and biking. 

There are nearly 100 clubs on campus, and students are welcome to start new organizations. There is no Greek system at Bard. About half of Bard students study abroad before graduation. There are tons of student volunteer options, including one that sends students to maximum- and medium-security jails throughout New York to tutor inmates. The Bard Raptors sports teams are members of the NCAA Division III Liberty League. Freshmen at Bard start college earlier than their peers at most other schools, arriving in early August for a three-week orientation to campus, academic and community life known as the Language and Thinking Program.

For day trips, New York City is 90 miles from campus and easily accessible by train. Students have several options for longer stays in the Big Apple, too.
Through the Bard-Rockefeller Semester in Science, students can enroll in an intensive semester of research and study at New York’s Rockefeller University. Students live at Rockefeller and work in the university’s laboratories. Students can spend also spend a semester or two in New York through the Bard Globalization and International Affairs Program, which pairs students with internships in international relations and human rights areas. In addition to its undergraduate offerings, Bard has unique graduate degree options such as a master’s of music in conducting through its Conservatory of Music and a doctorate of philosophy in decorative arts. Notable alumni of Bard College include journalist Matt Taibbi; actor Christopher Guest; and the founders of Steely Dan, musicians Donald Fagen and Walter Becker.

Website: www.bard.edu

Quick Facts:

Small- Sized - 1,995 total undergrads
508 degree-seeking freshmen

$47,604 average financial aid package
88% of financial need met (average)
Tuition and fees: $54,496 in-state, $54,496 out-of-state

Admissions Requirements

ACT or SAT - Optional
SAT Subject - Optional

Acceptance Rate: Somewhat selective, 56% of applicants admitted

Test Score Average:
GPA: 3.5

Admissions Office:

30 Campus Road
PO Box 5000
Annandale-on-Hudson, NY 12504-5000

Phone: (845) 758-7472
Fax: (845) 758-5208
Email: admissions@bard.edu
Contact: Mary Backlund, Director of Admission