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Get Set For College Guide

ACT Get Set For College Guide

Right about now in your life, you may be receiving a lot of advice about your future—advice from your parents, your relatives, and from your school counselor. Whether your goal is to attend a state university, a community college, a local technical school, or a private college, or if it is still unsettled, you’ll have to make some important decisions about your future education. To make these decisions wisely, you need to understand and be able to organize the process of planning for college (see “Checklist for College Planning” on page 23). College is a great place to discover job-related interests and potential career fields. In fact, it’s probably your best opportunity to prepare for rewarding and enjoyable employment.

The ACT Get Set For College Guide was created to help you successfully manage the task of planning for college by viewing the process as a series of six logical steps:

1. Know yourself and your reasons for attending college

2. List, compare, and visit colleges

3. Consider college characteristics

4. Apply for admission and meet all deadlines

5. Develop a plan to pay for your education

6. Review and finalize your plans

Other features include: ACT Test Prep Information, Suggested Activities and Planning Resources, College Selection Strategies, and Financial Aid Facts.

Download a copy of the ACT Get Set For College Guide below.
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Oct 16, 2012, 2:56 PM