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College Search Tips

During the time of advising a son, a daughter, or a grandchild, many often turn to one another for some advice on how to do their very best work of counseling their own family members. A collection of suggestions follow. 

Tip #1:
Listen for what your high school junior enjoys in and outside of the classroom and incorporate those themes into college visits, college nights or college website conversations.

Tip #2:
Encourage your junior to build a partnership with their guidance counselor or college adviser throughout their junior year.

Tip #3:
As the difficulty of the junior year coursework increases, support your junior with suggested time management and organizational skills. Encourage your junior to continue to set their own agenda each day and each week to meet deadlines.

Tip #4:
Support your junior as they develop a level of engagement in classroom discussions. Encourage thoughtful participation and conversations with teachers.

Tip #5:
Take note of extracurricular activities for which your junior has a passion. Investigate opportunities where he or she can expand those talents in the summer months.

Tip #6:
Let your junior decide which college campuses he or she would like to visit.

Tip #7:
When discussing college visits, offer to be the travel planner. Step aside from that role once you are on campus and become the observer and collector of materials.

Tip #8:
While on a college campus, chat with the Admissions staff or student staff members who manage the lobby desk. They are full of ideas to personalize your visit after your junior attends an Information Session and a Tour. If you can join the Information Session and Tour, please do so.

Tip #9:
If there is an option to select a tour guide for the campus tour following their introduction of themselves to the group, let your junior select the tour guide. Follow their instincts.

Tip #10:
Listen to your junior’s thoughts as you drive away from a campus visit. Limit your questions to one or two!