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Work Permits

For students under the age of 16, please follow the procedures below to obtain a work permit.

A. Obtain the following documents BEFORE scheduling your appointment:
    1. Social Security Card
    2. Evidence of Age: Original Birth Certificate or Passport
    3. Statement of Physical Fitness: note from a physician stating that the student is physically fit for employment, this must be signed and dated within one year of work permit request
    4. Employer’s Letter of Intent to Hire (on letterhead with contact info)
    5. Specify occupation and type of work 
    6. Exact hours per day and days per week
    7. Parental Approval: signed statement from parent or guardian giving approval for the child to work, including parent’s phone number
B. Schedule an appointment with Counselor, Mrs. Bantz or Ms. Constantine via email.
C. Bring all required documents to your appointment.

D. Take one copy of the issued permit to your employer and the other to your parent or guardian.

NOTE: If documentation provided is incomplete or does not meet requirements, or if the nature of the work does not meet Child Labor Law restrictions, a Work Permit will not be issued.

The Illinois Department of Labor oversees the safety of minors in Illinois by regulating the employment of workers under 16 years of age. The law protects children by limiting working hours, prohibiting work in hazardous occupations, and requiring employment certificates (820 ILCS 205/1-22 Child Labor Law).