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College Rep Visits

College Rep Visits
Check out the CCC Calendar to see which college reps are coming to Lane TechAll students are welcome to meet with the college reps.  The college rep will be here for an hour. If it is not during your lunch period, no problem!…just ask your teacher if he/she will be willing to write you a pass to meet with the rep for 5-10 minutes. CLICK HERE to download the COLLEGE REP PASS. 
                                            CLICK HERE to download the COLLEGE VISITATION FORM.

Why is it important to meet with a college rep?

Because it’s a great way to put a “face” to your application. The rep is among the people who reviews college applications and determines who gets accepted. Plus, this is a great opportunity to learn more about the college and get your questions answered.

College Admission Counselors! 

Thank you for your interest in visiting Lane Tech.  We offer 1 hour time slots during our student lunch hours: 10:45am to 1:25pm and after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Students will come on their own accord. We ask that you stay for 1 hour to give students from different lunch periods the opportunity to visit you. 

 To schedule a visit, please go to this link: to choose a time that works best for you.

Lane Tech College & Career Center

  1. When should I begin the application process?
  2. What factors do I consider when making an admission decision?
  3. What is the average GPA of entering freshmen?
  4. What courses should I be taking my senior year of high school?
  5. Are the ACT, SAT Reasoning Tests, and SAT Subject Tests required? What are the average scores of entering freshmen?
  6. Does the college require an essay?
  7. Does the college have rolling admissions, early action, or early decision and who would qualify?
  8. What is the application deadline for admission?
  9. Do you accept Advanced Placement test credit?
Financial Aid:
  1. What is the best time to apply for financial aid? When is the deadline?
  2. What are the basic costs for a year? (tuition, room/board, fees)
  3. What is the total estimated student budget for a year?
  4. What kind of financial aid programs are available? What is the average award?
  5. Are any kinds of aid guaranteed for four years?
  6. What kind of scholarship opportunities are there?
Programs of Study:
  1. Do you have my major?
  2. What are considered your top programs?
  3. What unique programs does your institution offer?
  4. What is your job placement rate for graduating students?
  5. What are the graduation rates, and what percentage of students graduates within four to five years?
  6. What is the ratio of students to professors?
Campus Life:
  1. What is the total enrollment? What is the female/male ratio?
  2. How many students live on campus?
  3. What are the housing options, and is housing guaranteed for four years?
  4. What activities are available? Sports? Arts?
  5. How safe is your school? Where can I obtain statistics about crimes on your campus?