Lane and April Perry:
New Zealand and Beyond
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Much love,  Lane and April

My adorable G-Barr when I was visiting Oklahoma in June 2009
(our last photo together).
May she rest in peace (August 20, 1925 - July 30, 2009).

Lane and April Bungy Jumping!

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Differences in New Zealand…

…Food for Thought


·         The colors on a stop light are called "Red, orange, and green" (not red, yellow, and green), even though the actual color of the lights look the same whether in NZ or the U.S.

·         The trunk of the car is called the boot.

·         An casual way to say Thank you is "cheers" or sometimes "Ta" ...kind of like "thanks"

·         When you go see a movie at the theatre, you are assigned a row and a seat as if you’re going to a concert.

·         They serve beer and icecream at the movies… hum…

·         Almost all wine bottles are screw top... you can't find ones with corks

·         Clubs/Bars/Pubs don't have set closing times... as long as there are people, they stay open and keep serving drinks (even if its 6am).

·         Rent is paid by the week, not the month.

·         The time difference is 18 hours ahead of Oklahoma (its easier to subtract 6 hours from the current time then think tomorrow).

·       They don't have donuts as we know them... they are more like dinner rolls with a dab of cake frosting on them.

·       You don't tip the servers at restaurants...

·         Candy is expensive! (About $2 for a snickers bar) And they don’t have Starbursts here!

·         Clearasil Face pads (aka: my best friend) are $15.99 per case (in Okla only about $4)

·         Covergirl Mascara (which you know is important to me if you’ve ever looked at me) is $15 (Okla=$4)

·         Cereal (some of my favorite food) is about $7 per box (about $3 at home)

·         Think of the person that drinks more coffee during a day than any other person you know… that’s how much hot tea an average person drinks here (I like mine with milk and sugar!)

·         People drive on the opposite side of the road… we’re getting used to it, but it makes biking very tricky.

·         It’s usually one of two things…People either have a “work uniform” or they can dress casually all the time to work (within reason… jeans and tennis shoes are okay).

·         Tennis shoes are called “Trainers”

·         They are extremely environmentally conscious (burning trash in their evening fires, etc) ...Behind the times or way ahead of the times?

·         No central heat and air… either you have a “heat pump,” use space heaters, or burn a fire in the winter

·         Kiwis know about American (and many other) politics and can carry on a convo about it (the reverse would never happen, Americans are way too self absorbed).

·         The Kiwis concept of distance is very different… a 10 minute drive is “very far” for them

·         The “start” of the school year is in February (not August/September)

·         You select an internet plan per month based on the GBs you’re going to use (kinda like minutes on a cell phone) instead of “unlimited” internet.

·         Cell phones are SUPER expensive! About $60/month for 60 minutes/month! …like in the 90s in the USA!

·         It costs to call a cell phone from a land line (almost as expensive as cell phone to cell phone)

·         There’s no rhyme or reason to the number of digits in a cell phone number (mine has 11 digits, the next person has 9, etc)

·         Its normal to only have a washer (not a dryer)… you dry clothes on a clothes line

·         Its normal to not have a dishwasher

·         You don’t have a water bill… you only pay for the heat in the water, not the actual water

·         Water heaters are all electric (they think it’s silly that we have gas ones)

·         Everyone uses electric blankets in the winter (it’s like staying at my Grandma’s when I was little)

·         The Wal-Mart equivalent is called the “Warehouse”

·         Grocery stores are in Malls a lot of the time… you can push your grocery basket through the mall

·         People eat “biscuits” with their hot tea in the afternoon or evening… which are actually little cookies

·         Refrigerators are much smaller

·         People don’t use ice in there drinks very much here… if you want it, you have to use ice trays (they’re not built in to the fridges)

·         The water is incredible out of the tap (its Artesian).

·         Shower water is really soft (so soft that I can’t use conditioner in my hair or its totally limp)

·         Moms are “Mums” (said and spelled that way)

·         When something is expensive it’s “Dear”.  For example, “that shirt is more dear than the other one.”

·         Local grocery stores have everything we would need, but for the best quality and price, you go to the bakery to get bread, the butcher to buy meat, the fruit and veggie stand to get those items, etc.


….I’m sure there are a million more “differences”… this list will continue throughout our time here.