We are consulting with local people on our proposals to
develop a new residential development consisting of approximately 150 family homes, public open space and children's play area at land to the rear of Abbey Road, Lowton.

The proposed development site is shown on the left.
The area of land edged red is subject to the proposed outline planning application.

The planning process is designed to serve many

competing interests, with the aim of approving developments which balance economic, social and environmental aims. This often involves planning for the long-term future of the area involving a wide variety of stakeholders with different interests.

This website forms part of a consultation process which represents a key stage within the development process, a process that is inclusive and transparent. Its intention is to provide information so that local people can understand:

Why development is needed;

Why this site has been chosen;

How the site can be developed; and

What impact it will have on their lives.

Using our website

If you’re interested in our proposals, please explore the website and provide us with your feedback, comments and suggestions through the online survey located on the Have Your Say...page. All pages relating to this site can be found at the top of the page through the navigation bar.


We do realise that not everyone has access to a computer or the internet, and so we’re also spreading our message by other means. For more information on the public exhibition and flyers/posters please click on the consultation page.