I.  Overview

Just over a century ago, the wife of a Skandik chief killed her husband after he hit and humiliated her.  She was sentenced to death, a sentence deemed unjust by the women of the tribe.  In protest, the women of the tribe rescued the prisoner, named her their new chief, and fled Havok forever.  They settled in the Gorn Athyn ruins known to them as Sea Rune.  There they made a stand, and armed with items of power found among the ruins, they fought off a retributive expedition from Havok.  Since then, they have set up their own female-dominated society, which if anything has outdone the Skandik as raiders and pirates.

II.  Population and Demographics

50,000 Humans, 2,000 Elves, 1,200 Halflings, 300 Dwarves, 400 Other

III. Major Settlements

Sea Rune (pop. 54,000) houses the entire settlement of Amazons.  Rumors persist that men are captured and used as breeding stock, but their numbers are unknown (others believe that an artifact found in the ruins allows the Amazons to reproduce asexually).  Sea Rune is a well-fortified place, and the harbors for the Amazon ships is located in a huge underground grotto.

IV.  Resources and Trade

The Amazons trade, but only on their terms.  They harvest the seas bounty, and they have the good fortune to leave near oyster beds that produce a mountain of pearls each year.  They also brave the whale hunt to collect the oil and ambergris that fetch high prices in the City-States.

V.  Personalities

The Amazons swear unwavering loyalty to their leader, who has taken the title of Queen.  Queen Zara (lvl 22 Cleric) seeks to expand Sea Rune's influence and numbers by sending bands of her warriors into civilized lands to recruit women to join them. 

VI.  Politics

The Amazons know that their mere existence is threatening to the male dominated lands around them, so there is little internal division among their ranks.  They count all Skandik as enemies, a bias that is not unwarranted.   They have guarded relationships with other lands, but their reliance on piracy as a source of wealth means that such relations are frosty, at best. 

VII.  Notes

Yay, Amazons!  Sea Rune was once a source of power for the former Gorn Athyn Empire.  The Amazons have only scratched the surface of the dungeons under their feet in the last hundred years, and the magical items they found served to save them from invasion.