The Gods of the First House

Evil Gods

The Planes


The humans, dwarves, elves, eladrin, dragonborn, halflings, and tieflings all worship a pantheon known as the Gods of the First House.  According to the eladrin, these were the very beings who shaped the earth and who nearly broke it when the hubris of the Gorn Athyn challenged them. 

There are also known to be evil gods who inhabit dark corners of the celestial realm.  In the City States and Havok, no sane person worships these gods, as nothing but death and ruin comes to those who serve them.  Nonetheless, all too many people believe the promises of quick power and are willing to give them their allegiance.  It is also known that the Draz have professed allegiance to Bane, hoping that thier patron will make their dominion his top priority.

The humans of Mhara Khur believe that the gods of the Forst House are demonic abominations.  They follow the monotheistic faith of their homeland, which holds that the Sun Goddess Varana is the creator of the universe and the sole divine being.  Varana is both compassionate to her supporters and harsh to her enemies.