Natural Features
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Bodies of Water

Diamond Sea.  North of the Cryystal Mountains lies the Diamond Sea, which is famed for both its glittering azure waves and its large icebergs.

Aylian Bay.  The Aylian Bay is shallow, with many shifting shoals and and sandbars.  Any ships that ply these waters must rely on the wisdom of an experienced pilot.  Few monsters large enough to threaten a ship live in these waters, but there are known to be colonies of Sahuagin in the coastal shallows.

Sea of Winds.  The Sea of Winds is hundreds of leagues across and, true to its name, it is beset by violent winds which make even the most direct crossing a challenge.  The Khur make a crossing in the more pleasant southern water, which takes at least four weeks with favorable winds.  Even so, sailors report terrible monsters that like nothing more than to make sport with their ships and devour the frightened sailors aboard.

Coldwash.  The Coldwash is a swift, shallow river that runs through the lands of Havok.  While shallow enough to ford for most of its length, its icy temperature, even in the summer months, makes crossing it a peril.

Belmor River.  The Belmor River is a broad lazy watercourse between Freehaven and Veluna, where falls force a portage.  By Freehaven, the river washes into a broad, treacherous marsh, but for the rest of its length it provides transportation and irrigation to the City States. 

Gen River.  The Gen River is a cold, dark river that flows north into the Belmor.  It rises in the Brath Hills and locals believe that it carries the curse of that place in its waters.

Sullinor River.  The Sullinor River used to wash the southern City States.  Now, it bisects the lands of Mhara Khur.  It sees almost constant traffic on its lower length, and over 90% of all Khur in the lands live within a mile of it.

Jhallin River.  The Jhallin River rises in the Astragan Jungle.  None have reported ever finding its source.  It sees some river traffic by those bound for the City of Brass, and a series of grim hostels has been set up to accommodate these travellers.


Hills and Mountains

Crystal Mountains.  The Crystal Mountains are a steep range at what is often considered "the Top of the World."  The Dragonborn make their home here and love its rugged beauty.  There is a constant blanket of snow on these peaks which glitter in the sunlight and give them their name.  Dragons are known to live here, as are giants.  Only the most deranged fool would travel here without great need.

Godswall.  The Godswall was raised in the destruction of the Gorn Athyn Empire, sundering their lands like the cut of a knife.  From either direction, the Godswall rises precipitously.  There is one pass, at the Goblin City, which has been closed to human traffic for generations.  One must rely on the two Dwarven cities if one wishes to pass by land between the northern and southern Lands.

Spine of Tiamat.  The mountains known as the Spine of Tiamat are not high, but they are rugged, carved by wind and the Ruin into bizarre shapes.  The City of Brass is here, but there are also many monsters who dwell here, far from the civilized lands.   Travellers have reported seeing cyclopes, sphinxes, and the worst sorts of abominations here.  The Drow used to live under Tiamat's Spine, and the Elves of Havorn firmly believe that they still inhabit cities deep in the Underdark. 

Bahamut's Teeth.  Bahamut's Teeth is the western frontier of the lands.  To the west lie the vast plateau which separates the lands from the Jade Empire a thousand leagues to the west.  Bahamut's Teeth hold the Godshome, the ruins of the greatest Gorn Athyn city, which fell into ruin when that empire destroyed itself. 

Bone Hills.  The Bone Hills are rugged lands which mark the frontier of the City States.  A few brave shepherds and prospectors from Belmor make the hills their home, despite the presence of bands of goblins and kobolds here.  These lands are also home to the largest monastery dedicated to Kord.  The presence of a large number of warrior monks is enough to check the ravages of the humanoids.

Broken Lands.  Little grows in the waste known as the Broken Lands.  The ruins of the most populous part of the Gorn Athyn lands lie here, shrouded in dust and silence.  Erosion has sculpted the sandstone here into twisted forms that stand like sentinels over the ruined cities.  Treasure hunters still venture into the Broken Lands, braving the monsters that dwell here beyond the reach of civilization.

Brath Hills.  According to legend, Brath was a powerful wizard who founded his own state on the labor of countless slaves.  Then, with a single twisted ritual, he transformed himself into a lich and killed every living thing in his realm.  These poor souls then rose up as undead servitors of the lich Brath, his slaves in death as they were in life.  Suffice it to say, the Brath Hills are avoided by the living today.

Red Hills.  The Red Hills are pleasant, wooded, and rolling.  The farmers of Rubicollia grow grapes on the lower slopes and raise sheep and goats at the higher elevations.  Few monsters trouble these hills, though bandits hide their refuges here. A ruin known as the Ring of Ages is said to predate even the Elves.  These stones are untouched by the ravages of time, though none have divined their original purpose or function.



Eskwood.  A pine forest which is home of a nation of Elves.

The Gnarl.  An ancient forest, tangled and dark.  The few remaining Gorn Athyn live here, hiding from the peoples they once oppressed.

Havorn Forest.  A large wood, more temperate than the surrounding lands would suggest.  The elves who live here tend the forest as humans might tend a garden, ensuring that the grandeur of this wood does not fade with time.  Outsiders are not welcome here without invitation, and the elves are known to shoot first before asking strangers their business.

Astragan Jungle.  The Astragan Jungle stretches for an interderminate distance to the south.  It was once part of the Gorn Athyn empire, but now the proud cities that once stood there have fallen into ruin.  Terrible monsters live in the jungle, and savage tribes of humans with brightly-colored skin in all of the hues of the rainbow live here.  Even the Khur do not travel here without guides and plenty of guards.  While there is much wealth to be had here among the ruins, few believe that the profits are worth the risk.

The Genwood.  The Genwood is a small forest southwest of Rel Astor.  It is noteable because it is the one place in the Duke's realm where his knights do not venture, making it a locale of happy anarchy for those peasants who escape here.  There are also ruins of a Gorn Athyn city built around a great fissure in the earth.  Locals avoid it with as much determiantion as the avoid the Duke's knights.


Other Features

Drakehome.  True to its name, the island known as Drakehome is home to a colony of dozens of dragons of all hues.  Normally very territorial, the dragons here seem to enjoy each others' company.  For ages, it was thought that dragons used this cold, rocky island to nest, but recent research has revealed that dragons protect their eggs by hiding them in remote lairs.  More likely, this island is where dragons go to find a mate and to establish their position in the complex hierarchy of dragonkind.

Trac Isle.  Navigators deplore this little island, which is surrounded by treacherous reefs and shoals.  Worse, the island does not seem to have a fixed position, making it a hazard at night or in poor weather.  Marooned sailors desribe it as a ruggesd island, home to many abominations.  Some suspect that Trac Isle may be home to a twisted biomancer who experiments on living creatures to create twisted hybrid forms.  

The Ashlands.  The region now known as the Ashlands were once the heartland of the Gorn Athyn empire.  Since the Ruin, however, no life has been able to cling to this barren wasteland, where shifting sands, harsh winds, and unrelenting heat create a hostile environment.  Dunes come and go with teh winds, occasionally revealing teh ruins of once-great cities only to cover them up again a week later.

Godshome.  Once the capital of the Gorn Athyn colony in the Lands, Godshome was a vast city that perched high on a spur in the mountain range known as Bahamut's Teeth.  It was built on the ruins of a much older elven city, and some claim that the elves who lived there built their city upon the ruins of an even more ancient city.   Today, Goshome is a ruin, toppled by the same devastation that created the Ashlands.  Countless adventururers have plundered it (or died trying), but legend persists that even more treasure from the lost empire waits to be found. 

The Underdark.  No-one, either on the surface or beneath, knows how extensive the network of caverns known as the Underdark is.  It has never been mapped, and only a few main routes are known to the races who dwell below.  For people above, the Underdark is a place of darkness and horror, home to hideous monsters who fear the light of the sun.  Undergrown cities are known to exist, home to mind flayers, beholders, and dark elves (though these latter were thought to have been destroyed in a terrible war thousands of years ago).