I.  Overview

The Dragonborn have lived in the Ice Keep as long as even the Elves can remember.  While most Dragonborn head into the world for most of their lives, they all return to the Ice Keep at least once every decade.  It is here they athey choose mates and raise families, leaving such matters a mystery for all outsiders.  Though different varieties of Dragonborn are often fierce rivals, they shelve their differences while at this warm refuge in the frozen North.

II.  Population and Demographics

25,000 Dragonborn.  Only 10-40% are present at any given time.  Several actual dragons are usually present in the Keep as well.

III. Major Settlements

The Ice Keep looks too small to be home to an entire race on the outside.  It is a large fortress perched on a pinnacle of rock jutting out over the Crystal Sea.  Underneath the keep, however, are vast caverns where the Dragonborn raise ther young.  Each breed of Dragonborn lives in its own quarter, mixing with the others only in complex rituals and ceremonies.

IV.  Resources and Trade

The Drgonborn do not allow outsiders to the Ice Keep, nor does any trade flow into or out of the citadel.

V.  Personalities

Each of the five Tribes of Dragonborn has their own leader, the eldest of each community.  Dragonborn do not lose mental capacity as they age, so age determines rank.  The Elders hold a council when an issue involving the entire Ice Keep arises.

VI.  Politics

There is some rivalry among the Tribes, but it is subdued while in the Ice Keep.  Even where enmity exists between groups, they would never think to drive their rivals from the ground sacred to all Dragonborn.  However, the Keep is where plots are hatched for grander schemes in the world.

Despite their rivalries with each other, the Dragonborn pass with near-immunity among the lands of all cultures and races, such is their reputation for integrity and honor.  They see their mission as fostering peace and development among the peoles they regard as lesser races.  They are not above getting involved in local disputes, however, and many of Dragonborn who leave the Ice Keep serve as mercenaries in causes they consider just.

VII.  Notes

The Ice Keep should be a place of mystery, exceedingly difficult to reach.  Dragonborn do not like to talk abut it, afraid that they may divulge one of their race's mysteries to outsiders.