Havorn Forest
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I.  Overview

     The Havorn forest is an elven realm that is the last fragment of a kingdom that, three milennia ago, spread over all of the Lands.  Only the rise of the Gorn Athyn kingdom disrupted the splendour and the continuity of the Elven Court.  The elves of Havorn have never forgiven the humans their treason and ingrratitude and remain aloof, if not hostile, to their human neighbors three thousand years later.  It does not matter that a specific human is not related to those whomans who destroyed the Elven realm.  To them, the distinction is meaningless. 

II.  Population and Demographics

     75,000 Elves

III. Major Settlements

     Methune (pop. 12,000) i a city that exists both above and below ground, ranging from the treetops to crystaline grottoes far beneath the earth's surface.  While it seems lovely and magical, it is also ideally suited for the elves' style of defense.  Non-human races are free to trade here, but even then they are kept closely under watch.

IV.  Resources and Trade

     The paranoia of the elves means that there is little trade between Havorn and the rest of the world.  They do produce finely crafted items in a number of media--wood, gold, silk--that are highly sought after elsewhere, but few are willing to risk death for them.

V.  Personalities

     Queen Velindria (lvl 27 Elven Wizard) rules as if no fall ever happened.  She is surrounded by a cadre of advisors who quash any impulse she has to move on from the bittter anger of three thousand years ago. 

VI.  Politics

     Anything that gets done in Havorn happens with the blessing of the Queen, so access to the Queen is strictly guarded by a complex court.  Several noble factions compete for the Queen's favor in a subtle game of etiquette and subterfuge.  

VII.  Notes

    The elves of Havorn are not evil.  They just are not good guys.  PC elves can come from this region, but their departure would probably not be seen in a favorable light by those they left behind.  Unlike the elves of Eskwood, Havorn is not not under any immediate threat, so they have no compelling reason to end their isolation.  However, they have access to incredible magical lore, so there may be reasons for PCs to try to come here.

    Should the Drow ever threaten the surface world, then all bets would be off.  The elves' feud with the Drow goes back far beyond their squabble with humanity.