I.  Overview

     Havok is a wild land inhabited by tribes of Skandik, who enjoy a long tradition of internecine warfare and raiding neighbors.  All Skandik, it would appear, are trained as warriors, and there is nothing they more than a good scrap.    Despite this, the Skandik come together for mutual defense and to stage a spectacular large-scale raid against a neighbor.

II.  Population and Demographics

     120,000 Humans divided into six major and five minor clans; 10,000 Elves; 4,000 Dwarves

III. Major Settlements

     Ridgard (pop. 13,000) is considered "neutral ground" by the tribes.  This large town is where clan chiefs meet to make deals and settle disputes by relatively peaceful means.  It is also the place where Skandik tribes trade freely with each other and outsiders.  Violence is limited by the Laird, who claims allegiance to no clan. 

IV.  Resources and Trade

     The Skandik do not make much distinction between trade and pillage, at least outside the clans.  They operate on an economy based around plunder and gift exchange.  Despite this, the chiefs acknowledge the need for more formal exchange.  A few Skandik have even become full-time merchants, to the derision of their peers.  Wise clan chiefs, though, suspect that such activity is the wave of the future, and they put the merchants under their protection.

V.  Personalities

     Haakon, the Laird of Ridgard (lvl 14 Human Fighter) has toyed with claiming more authority over the clans.  He is the one who brokered an alliance between the clans and the elves of Eskwood, a deal which the Skandik generally regard as wise.  Haakon is no fool, though, and he knows that many chiefs would band together to prevent his ascension to the kingship.

VI.  Politics

     Clan chiefs are usually chosen by blood and combat, so even within clands there is a constant jockeying for position.  Somewhat surprisingly, the Skandik have elaborate ceremonies establishing ritual friendship.  These alliances between individuals, families, and clans often prvide the only stability in a chaotic land.

     Many Skandik leaders are beginning to suspect that a united Havok would be a force to be reckoned with.  Until a sense of how such a realm would be ruled, however, the chiefs remain rivals and occasional enemies.

VII.  Notes

     There is a strong bias in this land against arcane casters, who are treated as witches.

     Skandik travel far into other lands, as traders, merchants, mercenaries, and adventurers.  They have a reputation for being loyal friends, as well as for being unpredictably violent.  More civilized humans tend to regard them as almost feral.