I.  Overview

     The Eskwood is a large pine forest in the northern valley, inhabited by elves who are on constant guard against their neighbors: the Skandik, the Draz, and the Goblin Kingdom.  Because of their precarious situation, the elves of Eskwood are more open to contact with the outside world than their bretheren in the south.

II.  Population and Demographics

     50,000 Elves

III. Major Settlements

     Ethrilindenar (pop. 5,000) is where the Council holds court.  The city is in the heart of the forest, built on platforms which rise with the trees, some hundreds of feet above the forest floor.

IV.  Resources and Trade

     The elves do not want a constant flow of caravans passing though their lands, but they are not averse to exchange with outsiders.  They are happy to sell textiles and the rare herbs of the forest in exchange for goods they cannot make themselves.

V.  Personalities

     The two dominant personalities on the Council are Ilthrian (lvl 22 ranger) and Morbeth (lvl 18 wizard).   

VI.  Politics

    Outsiders are only allowed passage after they pay respects to the Council and swear to abide by the laws and customs of the elves while in the Eskwood.  Even then, the elves can be guarded with all but those who have proven themselves friends over a long period. 

     At present, the elves have struck an alliance with the Skandik against the Goblin Kingdom.  This has worked to the benefit of each race, despite the differences in their cultures. 

VII.  Notes

     Even within the bounds of the Eskwood, there is danger in the form of giant spiders and other monstrosities.  Only in the heart of the elven realm is there safety.

    This is not a serene Lothlorien-style realm, but rather a land of Elves that cannot avoid dealings with the outside world.  With enemies (or potential enemies) on all sides, the elves are in dire need of allies, and adventurers will find themselves welcome if they are willing to pitch in.