I.  Overview

     The Draz are relative newcomers to the Lands.  They are native to the steppes west of Bahamut's Teeth, but several generations ago, they found competition for grazing lands and warfare with the Jade Empire too much and they migrated east into the sparesely populated grasslands in the northwest part of the Lands.  At first, their arrival was unwelcome, and they found themselves in open warfare with both the Skandik and the elves of the Eskwood.  As they reached the limits of their territorial expansion, though, they reached a guarded stasis with their neighbors.  They are still very much a warrior culture, and small bands of Draz often harry their neighbors as a test of manhood, but for the most part, the rulers of the lNads acknowledge that the Draz are here to stay.

II.  Population and Demographics

     150,000 Humans, 32,000 Orcs

III. Major Settlements

     The "capital" of the Draz is a tent city that follows The Warlord around.  Depending on the season, the camp can vary from as little as 5,000 inhabitants to as many as 30,000.  Orcs and men mix freely in the camp, which can be a violent place.

IV.  Resources and Trade

     The Draz control the caravan routes to the Jade Empire.  As violent as they can be, they are not stupid, and caravans which pay the requisite tribute to The Warlord fall under his protection.  The Draz hold the civilized lands in contempt.  However, they can be shrewd traders and rarely refuse the chance to exchange for luxury goods and weapons.

V.  Personalities

    The Warlord (lvl 25 Human Warlord) led the Draz into the Lands.  Either his lifespan is greater than that of most men, or his successors have all been able to appropriate his idenity to give the impression of continuity of rule.  Adding to the mystery is the fact that the Warlord never reveals his face in public, hiding behind a helmet.  Before the Warlord came to power, the Draz were a collection of warring clans.  While the clans still comete and occasionally fight, all respect the power and authority of The Warlord.   

VI.  Politics

     The Warlord struck alliances with several local tribes of orcs, who now operate openly in his lands and swear allegiance to him.  He uses the orcs to settle disputes with the elves and Skandik while appearing to remain above the fray.  Many suspect that The Warlord plans to expand his territory as soon as his neighbors relax their watch.

VII.  Notes

     The Draz are barbarians of the worst kind: aggressive and cruel.  They are a masculine, warrior-based society that keeps women veiled, while the men proudly show facial scars which represent slain enemies.  Horses and cattle are the social currency of the Draz, and the more livestock a man controls, the greater respect he earns from his peers.  Bands of Draz have roamed as far south as Genwyn, all claiming to work independently of the Warlord's commands.