There are three main climate zones in the Lands.

North of the Godswall, the winters are long.  Snow covers the ground from October through April.  Chill winds blast the Great Valley from the Crystal Mountains to the north.  The growing season is short but the moderate temperatures render the spring and summer very pleasant, with light precipitation.  The lands of the Draz, however, are much drier.  No trees grow there, leaving it a windswept grassy plain even in the midlest seasons.

The lands of the City States have a more moderate climate, shielded from the icy northern winds by the Godswall.  Winters are shorter here, and snows often melt before the next ones arrive.  There is more precipitation here than in the north, and summers can be humid and unpleasant.  Close to the Broken Lands, there is a strange phenomenon known as the Magestorm that occurs once or twice a year.  Strange mystical events are associated with the appearance of the Magestorm.

In the south, snows are unknown.  Winders are moderate and summers are unbearably hot.  No precipitation falls in the barren waste known as the Ashlands, where no living thing can survive.    To the east, though, rains fall nearly every day, resulting in lush and dense jungles.  The climate is too extreme for civilized folk, but tribes of savages call the jungles home.