I.  Overview

     Clan Koril was founded a thousand years ago by dwarves who lost patience with what they saw as the rigid hierarchy of Clan Duinor.  They moved several hundred miles to the west, drove some goblins out of their lair, and established their own kingdom and passage through the Godswall. 

II.  Population and Demographics

     40,000 Dwarves

III. Major Settlements

     The Dwarves refer to their settlement as Koril-drum.  Their tunnels are not quite as extensive as those of Clan Duinor, and after a thousand years they are still fighting skirmishes with their subterranean neighbors for control of the tunnels.  The main road through the mountain passes through the trading settlement known as Thunderspire, where many races from both the surface and below meet peacable to conduct trade.

IV.  Resources and Trade

     The Dwarves make money from tolls they earn by providing passage across the Godswall.  They are also sitting on a literal gold mine, which has rendered them very wealthy.

V.  Personalities

   King Angrim (lvl 18 ftr) has ruled for the last five years after he successfully challenged the former king.   His main duty is the securty of the realm, and he has done a good job of keeping the martial spirit of Clan Koril alive. Angrim is a robust, fun-loving monarch, given to his cups and a love of personal combat. 

VI.  Politics

    The organization of Clan Koril is looser than that of Clan Duinor.  The authority of the king is challenged as a matter of course.  The Dwarves consider their society a meritocracy.  Others regard it as somewhat chaotic, where disputes are settled as much by a fist to the jaw as by law.  There is still a sneering disrespect for Clan Duinor, whom the Dwarves regard as snobs and rivals.

     The subterrantean city known as Thunderspire is only ruled indirectly by Angrim.  He allows a circle of magicians to govern the settlement in his name, collecting tolls and paying tribute to him. 

VII.  Notes

     The lands of Clan Koril are a more dangerous place than those of Clan Duinor.  Even the Mountain Road is not perfectly safe for travellers.  The dwarves here are more accessible, however, open to outsiders.  They are equally more willing to pick fights, as they have a keen sense of honor which can be easily slighted.