I.  Overview

     Clan Duinor is the largest Dwarven settlement in the Lands.  They conrol one of the safe routs through the Godswall, and visitors are welcome in their realm as long as they stay to the Dark Highway.  The Dwarves concern themselves in the affairs of the outside world to the extent that it effects their own security and prosperity.   

II.  Population and Demographics

     60,000 Dwarves

III. Major Settlements

    The Dwarves refer to their halls as Duin-drum.  Over the past three milennia, they have extended a network of natural caves and crafted an underground city.  The tunnels stretch for miles, not just across the Godswall, but deep into the roots of the earth.

IV.  Resources and Trade

    The Dwarves can live on the food they grow in their caves, but they prefer the goods that the surface-dwellers provide.  They also crave precious metals and other treasure.  Therefore, they engage in frequent trade with their human and Elven neighbors.  They also charge what some claim is an exorbitant amount to transport caravans through their halls.  Still, the Dark Highway is rarely empty.  The Dwarves are also rumored to trade with the Dark Races that live even deeper inder the surface of the earth, though they keep such contacts a secret.

V.  Personalities

     King Ulfgar (lvl 21 Warlord) has ruled his people for the last century.  He has slowly embraced a policy of more active engagement with the outside world, sending out teams of merchants and craftsmen to live among the humans.  He has a reputation for being grim and humorless, even by Dwarven standards.

VI.  Politics

     The Dwarves value unity, and while disagreements are not uncommon, the face they present the world is one of loyalty to their King's will.  Disputation is done behind closed doors.  The schism with ClanKoril is a sore subject.  The Dwarves of Duinor regard their cousins as traitors and ingrates.

VII.  Notes

     This is Moria as Gimli hoped to find it, prosperous and thriving.  The Dwarves here are straight from Central Casting: greedy, cantankerous, and alcoholic.  They do not embrace outsiders easily, but enterprsing heroes will find all sorts of favors they can do for the king to win his trust.