Calleth Brin

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I.  Overview

     Calleth Brin is the home of the Eladrin.  The island nation has stood since time immemorial, beautiful and unchanging.  Not surprisngly, the eladrin are harshly isolationist, refusing entry to any ship not of their kind.  They believe they have survived by refusing to involve themselves in the affairs of other races.  Their city is a center of scholarship, art, and arcane studies.  Those who become friends of Calleth Brin have vast resources at their disposal, but such friendship is rarely without a price.

II.  Population and Demographics

     Over 30,000 eladrin live in Calleth Brin.  Fewer than 100 of other races are present, and most of these are short-term guests.

III. Major Settlements

     Calleth Brin is the name of both city and island.  Most of the island's population live within the soaring white walls of the city.  While the defenses are formidable, the city was also built as a work of art.  Large balconies and stained glass windows abound.  Towers soar to the clouds with no apparent means of support.

IV.  Resources and Trade

     The economy of Calleth Brin is self-sufficient.  They produce all of the resources they need to sustain their civilization.  They do trade with the outside world, but such trade is on their terms.  Eladrin ships carry out exquisite works of jewelry and enchanted items.  Such trade is rarely for so base a motive as profit.  Usually, the eladrin ships only trade to aquire some rare material needed by the mages of the White Isle.

V.  Personalities

     Queen Venora (lvl 28 wizard).  The Queen of Calleth Brin has one responsibility: ensure the continuity of the realm for all time.  Venora has ruled the island for six centuries and has seen human civilizations rise and fall.  She is determined that the land of the eladrin not succumb to such a fate.  She has strengthened the island's defenses, both her navy and fortifications.  Her isolationism  goes to such an extreme that she sends into exile any of her subjects who advocate more nvolvement in the world.  Thus, eladrin player characters are most likely cut off from their homeland, at least until they repent and agree to stay permanently in Calleth Brin.  The Queen has taken no consort, causing some to speculate as to whether she intends to produce an heir.

VI.  Politics

     Because of the policies of Quuen Venora, and because her policies reflect the mindset of most eladrin, there are few political divisions in Calleth Brin.  There is a delicate dance of court politics, centered around etiquette and access to the Queen's ear (and boudoir), but it is hopelessly byzantine to all outsiders.  

VII.  Notes