The Lands of Ruin
An Introductory Campaign World for 4th Edition Dungeons and Dragons

Mark W. Rabuck, author

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I.  History

II.  Natural Features

III. Climate

IV. Realms

    A. City States

    B.  Havok

    C.  Mhara Khur

    D.  Draz

    E.  Calleth Brin

    F.  Ice Keep

    G.  Clan Duinor

    H.  Clan Koril

    I.  City of Brass

    J.  Eskwood

    K.  Havorn Forest

    L.  The Gnarl

    M.  Sea Rune

V.  Religion

VI.  Magic

VII.  Insitutions

VIII.  Other Planes

IX.  Adventures

X.  Characters


An overview of the Lands of Ruin

The casual reader will find much in this work that is derivative of other sources.  Well, yup, that's true.  I have been inspired by much in the way of fantasy literature and other role-playing settings.  Careful readers will spot references to Tolkien, Lieber, and Jordan.  Other RPG settings which inspired me are the Wilderlands of Judges Guild, Greyhawk, the Forgotten Realms, Birthright, and my own subcontinent of Uria .  This work was created for my own enjoyment and that of my players.  If you wish to use any of this material for your own setting, go right ahead.  It's free.


The Lands of Ruin were created to establish an alternate setting for adventures using the Fourth Edition Dungeon and Dragons rules.  All of the core races are represented, and the core deities are those from the PHB and DMG.  This campaign world was written by a gamer, for gamers.  Notes on roleplaying possibilities, adventure hooks, and areas left open for gamemasters to customize will be included alongside the usual background material.