Landscape Installation, Planting, and Design

Most homeowners fancy having a beautiful garden and lawn. It is a great addition to any house. There are two options when it comes to having a landscape installation. 

You can take the time and effort to do it yourself, or you can hire the services of a professional landscape installation company. Whichever of these you decide upon it makes sense to have as much knowledge about the process as possible.

Landscape Installation

The most popular method for lawn installation involves the use of turf grass. Many different types of lawn grass are available; you need to choose the right one for your garden's requirements. 

Landscape Installation Services

Many professionals will suggest using a grass that is native to your region, but other varieties are still very popular such as Buffalo grass and Kentucky grass as local grasses are not always easy to get hold of. If you can get a local variety, then it is likely to be more water efficient and will take to the conditions much better.

Residential Landscape Installation

It may be useful that when designing the actual landscape plans that the lawn area is minimized so as to produce greater water efficiency. It is more important today due to environmental regulations and land policies. Small areas of grass next to sidewalks and fences may not be so practical and will not take so well.

Before laying out your new lawn, it is essential to conduct proper soil preparation. This will enhance the time it takes for your grass to take root. The aspects to consider are good drainage, smooth contours, no high or low spots, and good topsoil. 

Remember to slope the ground at a slight angle away from buildings for drainage purposes, and ensure the turf is not too high above footpath level.

Landscape Contractors

The best topsoil is a well-drained loam. Soils that contain a high content of sand or gravel may dry out too fast. A heavy clay soil is difficult to handle and easily becomes waterlogged in heavy rain. It is often the case that the soil that already exists in our gardens is adequate; it may just need some slight improvements.

By adding organic matter and compost the soil should become richer. It can include ordinary garden compost or rotten mushroom manure, peat moss, or sawdust mixed with chicken manure. It is vital that whatever organic matter is added it is spread evenly throughout the topsoil so as to provide a good dispersion of nutrients.

Landscape Construction

Before laying the turf, you should apply a thin layer of lime and then till it over. You can use a pitchfork or a roto-till to break the soil up to a depth of around five inches. It is best to leave the soil to stand for a couple of days before levelling it off with a rake and then roll and compact.

Resources of Landscape Installation

A well-laid lawn will last many decades and also add value to your property.