Making Landscapes
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FEATURED PLANTS from our availability:

Cosmos bipinnata, garden cosmos      Three varieties of tiny sedum


Cotyledon orbiculata, produces              Sedum nussbaumeriana,  
salmon bell-shaped flowers                      amazing color all year long                

            Crassula pruinosa, super cute 
             and small relative of jade

    Lagurus ovatus, bunny tails
Making your landscape Dreamier
In my gardening life I have used an Informed No Fear philosophy when it comes to planting. 
INF=infallible information infinite
One time I wrote down the plant species in my front yard in a notebook. It came to almost 200. For a person who really enjoys plants, that doesn't seem like too many. 
  • Begin by looking on the garden as an adventure. If you are learning nothing is failure; you might even consider yourself infallible.
  • But mitigate those rosy glasses by gaining information from advice, what you read, observation. Ask questions when you go plant shopping. See if your gardener knows anything. Hire a garden coach or landscaper and pick their brain. Attend garden tours and garden shows. Stroll your local arboretum. Become as much of a plant geek as your comfort level will allow.
  • Realize there are if not infinite at least very many plants to choose from and try out. Remain open to new plants but learn from your experience. See above regarding plant shows.  
As you gain gardening confidence you will realize, of course, that you aren't infallible really; that there's some bad info out there; and that you have developed your own taste in and touch for plants which enables you to narrow down out of the infinite the choices you are now informed enough to prefer!