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Christopher Construction LLC Landscaping divisions goal is to save you time,money and frustration by offering you the following landscape services for our New Jersey clients.When you hire Christopher Construction LLC for all your landscape needs you can be assured our personal attention to detail is what our clients except and recognized the value of project.

                                   Our Experience Serves The Needs Of Clients Who Seek & Demand Both Excellence & Quality 

                                              In The Personal Care Taking Of Their Properties

We have partnered with a local professional landscape supplier company to offer  you the best price.Our services include sod removal, plant installation, tree trimming and maintenance work. We also offer a hauling service to remove any debris desired by the property owner.

Shrubs,Mulching and Hardscapes


                               Landscaping Around Pool Areas 
       Shrubs get huge and overgrown and it becomes unmanageable. We remove the shrubs and make your yard maintainable again
                                                               Some FACTS You Should Know
Mulching trees and shrubs is a good method to reduce landscape maintenance and keep plants healthy. Mulch helps conserve moisture --- 10 to 25 percent reduction in soil moisture loss from evaporation. Mulches help keep the soil well aerated by reducing soil compaction that results when raindrops hit the soil. They also reduce water runoff and soil erosion. Mulches prevent soil and possible fungi from splashing on the foliage ---- thus reducing the likelihood of soil-borne diseases. They help maintain a more uniform soil temperature (warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer) and promote the growth of soil microorganisms and earth worms.
     Going to put your home on the market we can help you attain an attractive appearance for a great first impression

                                                  New Jersey's Landscape Design Contractor  

                    Some of the service we offer to our customers in NJ with our hardscape & mason division 
* Porch rebuild or New             * Thin Veneer Stone   * Retaining Walls
* Patio's                                    *  Raised Terrace         * Tile
* Sidewalks                               * Brick                          * Stone Flagging
* Fireplace                                * Pavers                       * Fireplace front (indoors)
* Cultured Stone                       * Waterfalls                 * Out Door Kitchens
* Full Veneer Stone                  * Ponds