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Expert Landscaping Services
Of all of the landscape companies Hillsboro has to offer none of them have the experience or talent that Peak Landscape, Inc. brings to the table. Peak Landscape, Inc. has fifteen years of experience creating dream green space and yards and lawns to be jealous about. We serve landscaping options to one of the largest areas of any company in Oregon and Washington. Our range covers all of the communities of Portland and Vancouver, including Hillsboro, Lake Oswego, and Tigard. Regardless where you live or work if you have green space or want more green space we can help you achieve the look that you want. So, not northern Oregon, but also southern Washington serves as our expert areas. Don’t expect any other company to have the extensive amount of services that we do or the expert experiences. We can literally handle any type of situation from new installations to fixing problems and finding solutions. Some landscaping companies just mow lawns. We do that, and we build landscapes from the dirt up as well. This includes services such as design enhancements and renovations, fertility management, hardscape construction, integrated pest management, organic plant services, plant installation, soil testing and ph analysis, tree and shrub care, turf management, wetland mitigation, and irrigation installation and management. Further, they have a full range of tree management services from pest control, to trimming, to removal and installation, to fertilization and hazard correction.
Tree Services
Of all of the landscape companies Hillsboro has to offer few have the tree experts that Peak Landscape, Inc. does on staff to help you with your tree services needs. We are tree experts. We offer full services tree care. From installation to removal and everything in between we can care for your trees. We are able to suggest what to plant in your areas, source the saplings or larger trees, install the trees, trim rouge or dead branches, deep root fertilization, and remove any dead or unwanted trees. Our professional arborists are highly qualified to solve your tree needs.
Irrigation Services
Of all of the landscape companies Hillsboro has to offer few have the irrigation experts that Peak Landscape, Inc. does on staff to help you with your irrigation needs. Peak Landscape can take your green space and turn it into a fully irrigated landscape. We can install, maintain, and fix any situation that you might have. From new installations to fixing old situations we can manage it all. We analyze the situation, determine how many lines, the water pressure, and the amount of water needed for the specific plants. We can help you make an efficient system that saves you money, time, and water. Save your grass and plants from either under watering or over watering. With a well managed system you can rest assured that your grass, plants, bushes, shrubs, and trees will be well maintained every day. Reach out to one of our knowledgeable staff members today to learn how we can transform and maintain your green spaces. Our services are the most diverse in the industry.

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