Benno Landsberger

Benno Landsberger (Friedek 21 April 1890 - Chicago 26 April 1968), one of the forefathers of Assyriology and of Akkadian lexicography,  bequeathed his private library to the Institute of Archaeology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. For many years now B. Landsberger's books make part of the library of Assyriology at the Institute of Archaeology in Jerusalem.

In April 2012, while taking account of material stored in the basement of the Institute of Archaeology, Nathan Wasserman found two boxes and identified them as containing B. Landsberger's estate – private letters, mss. of public lectures, some photos, and many notes and notebooks of his early days as a student in Leipzig –  totally unknown hitherto.

The material was collected and arranged by N.W. and parts of it were scanned for public reference (by Mijal Ribco).

In June 2012 Michael P. Streck went over the documents and prepared a preliminary catalogue of the estate.

As more archival documents and letters of B. Landsberger are found at the Altorientalisches Institut in Leipzig, M.P.S. and N.W. intend to publish the available personal material B. Landsberger in its entirety - from Jerusalem and from Leipzig - in the near future. [The correspondence of B. Landsberger with A. Goetze is kept at the Yale archives - information courtesy B. R. Foster].

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