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Coming soon: pages on; how to make a driven and steered front drive train, pages on other Lego technic sets, and more!

What is lego technic

This little paragraph is for those of you that don't know what LEGO Technic is. 
LEGO Technic is a more complex version of the regular LEGO's ( meaning the bricks). LEGO Technic is rods and pegs that are more functional than the normal LEGO's. 

If you think they look to hard or expensive that is true, but they are more fun! You can build so many cars, trucks, cranes, off-roaders, loaders you name it! It might seem hard but you can work up to the bigger stuff like the Unimog or the 4x4 crawler. Start with something small. My first Technic set was the 8256 two in one go kart. So like i said start with something little.
If you want to read more about LEGO Technic go to LEGO.com/technic  
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