This site was created to provide a common location for guidelines and rules for the LandGrab online strategy game. Much of the content was gleaned from LandGrab Forum entries, but the editors mentioned below organized the content, modified it significantly in some cases, and wrote new content when required.  

Suggestions for changes or additions should be made via the forums.

This is Version 1.0 of the LandGrab Guide

The Team
These are the editors of the LandGrab Guide

CaptC - Project Management, Organization of Content, etc.
CaptC was discovered in a Himalayan glacier by a team of Chinese scientists, who educated him in modern language and social etiquette. He attempts to distract himself from the life he has lost to the millennia by playing LandGrab.

foist - Administration, History, and new content contributor
Foist is a secret agent.  Tell no one.

desau - Mentor, permission giver!
Desau has the power to manipulate the very fabric of our universe... should he choose to do so. But nay. Desau is a benevolent god.

Kotra - wiki structure, content editing, new content contributor
Kotra is a large-eared purple entity, despised and pitied by all who encounter it.

Praxis - content editing
The Praxis is dangerous. Do not feed The Praxis.

Feenix - wiki structure, content editing, new content contributor
Programmed by an angry Dutch software developer, Feenix is an autonomous, self-aware program. It was designed to cause global war on an apocalyptic scale. However, a bug in its programming has caused it to believe LandGrab is real life.

Nrebol - wiki structure, content editing, new content contributor
Nrebol is a former sports agent forcibly retired due to a disagreement with a large shoe manufacturer.  He is now a naga rancher in the great northwest.

Renegadefederalist - 
content editing
Renegadefederalist is a retired female governor of Alaska, who is not running for president of the United States in 2012.


There is extensive information available about LandGrab on the forums.  Three people created large amounts of information and parts of those large posts were used as source for this wiki.  Creating this site would have been much more difficult without their contributions over the years.

STD is a pioneer researcher in Einsteinian Physics.  In addition to investigating speed of light phenomenons, he has been known to spend countless hours trying to figure out how to tie his shoes.

Alcohol is a colorless, limpid, volatile, flammable, water-miscible liquid.

CaptainCaptin is a Robin Williams lookalike trying to make a splash in Vegas.  He is failing miserably.