Quick Start

If you have a LandGrab account and you just want to play a game, this is the right place for you!  The following few paragraphs will give you, the new player, your first experience of a live game.  Once you run through this quick start process a time or two, you will find much more information in the other sections of this guide.

If you have not already created a LandGrab account, go to the LandGrab home page (linked on the left), or see the Getting Started page for instructions.

Ready to go?  Let's play a game...  We are going to create a game with 2 players: you and a computer player.  Most LandGrabbers call the computer player robots, or bots.  Open the LandGrab console in another browser window.  At the top of the LandGrab home screen is a cascading menu (Note: the LandGrab screen is explained in detail in the Game Console page, also linked on the left).   Pick create game...

You will then be presented with a list of options.  For your first game, here are some suggestions...

  • Type a name for your game.  Be creative, keep it clean! 
  • For this game, use the default map.  Once you're familiar with LandGrab you may wish to explore some of the hundreds of really neat, user-created maps available here.  The topic in this guide entitled Creating a game: Advanced Options has more information.
  • Also, use the default for "Game Flavor".  There are many, many cool options that give your game a much different feel, but for now stick with the standard. 
  • Make this a private game.  To do that, uncheck the box that says this is a public game.  A new line will appear: check the box that says make it a private game.
  • Change your color if you have a favorite! 
  • Click the box that says include computer players.  This will open a new section that looks like this:

  • Fill in the blanks, and click add computer player.  Hint: make the bot a different color than you!  :-)
  • Take the rest of the defaults, and click "Create Game".

You now have a game!  It will appear on your LandGrab home screen like this:

Click on the show details phrase and you can see the map name and the status of each player.  Click on the game rules phrase, and all of the game rules in place for this game are displayed.  Look them over just get a feel for the game.

Click the back button twice, or the Home menu item, to return to your home screen. 

Now we start fighting.  Click the Initial Army Placement phrase.  This will open the game page and you will get your first look at how the LandGrab system randomly assigned countries to each player. 

If you took the defaults and suggestions up to this point, you will have 14 armies to place.  You should pick a country in a continent where you own most of the countries to start.  Remember, you get bonuses for owning continents, so the faster you control a continent the faster you get bonus armies. 

Important note: during initial army placement, you will never see the number of armies on other players' countries.  Until all armies are placed, the placements are hidden from all players.

Here is an example of a situation that might happen in your game...  Look at Australia:

As green, it looks like controlling Australia might be a good place to start.  Consider one other factor, though: your computer opponent may have the first move.  Scroll the map down and look at the player area.  It will look something like this:

So, in this game, the bot has the first move.  If the bot placed his/her armies in Western Australia, it could be a very interesting game!  The order of turns is a basic concept that needs to be factored into any game, bots or not.

Place your armies now.  To do that, click on the country where you want an army.  Click any country you own to put an army there.  If you want all your armies, or a large group of your armies, to be placed at one time, use the menu dropdown right under "Armies to Place:" on the left side of the screen.  Click done.

The map will immediately show the placement of the armies.  If it is your turn first, you will get the opportunity to place 3 more armies and attack.  If it is not, the bot will place 3 more armies then attack you.  The bots make their turns almost immediately, so either way it will be your turn in a few seconds.

If you go back and look at the home screen, it will probably say, "Your Turn (not started)".  That is your indication that it is your turn.  Click the game name to go back to the board.

Take your turn!  Start by placing your reinforcements.  The number of reinforcements is determined by how many countries you own and what continents you control.  The continents table at the bottom of the map gives pertinent data about the current status of the continents.

Once your armies are placed, click Done, and it is combat time!  On the top of the left panel, you will be instructed to pick the country to attack from.  Pick any country where you have more than one army.  You will then get the prompt to pick a country to attack.  Pick an adjacent enemy territory.  It will look something like this:

You will then be asked your attack size:

In most circumstances, you will want to pick the highest number.  Pick 3, and the attack will begin.  An attack summary will appear outlining the results of the attack.  If you did not successfully defeat your opponent, you will be asked if you want to attack again.  If you were successful, the summary will look something like this:

The summary will show the dice roll, the number of attackers and defenders lost, and the number of armies to march forward. 

Marching forward is a key concept.  If you have a plan to continue your attack to the next country, you probably will want to march all of your armies to the conquered country.  This is up to you and the strategy you are using for your game.

Continue your turn attacking from all of the countries you choose to attack from.  Remember, you must always leave an army in each country, so the number of armies you can use in your attack will be one less than the number of armies on any square.  For instance, if you have 3 armies on Alberta, and you want to attack Ontario, you will only be offered the opportunity to attack with 2 armies.

Once you have done all the attacks you want to do, click on the "Done Attacking" button.

The next phase of the game is the Fortification phase.  After you are done attacking, you have the opportunities to move some of your armies from one country to another.  There are several different types of fortifications available in LandGrab.  Look at Fortifications under How it Works.  If you took the defaults in setting up the game, you are entitled to one fortification, and it may be done from one country to any other country (you own) as long as you can trace a path of owned territories between the two. 

To perform a fortification, pick the country to fortify from, and the country to fortify. 

When Fortifications are complete, you may see the Card Screen.  On any turn in which you conquer at least one territory, you will receive a card.  Cards are important...  as you get cards of certain types, you can turn them in to get more reinforcements on your next turn.  Cards are explained fully in the Cards Section of How it Works.

That will complete your first turn.  In this game, the bot's turn will only take a few seconds and it will be your turn again.  Keep playing, go for the win!  Good luck.

For a second game, you may want to again play against a bot.  Perhaps looking at different maps or rules will give you a better feel for the game.  You may also want to consider adding leaders or fortresses.  Those options can be set when creating a game. 

Most of the concepts presented here are covered in detail in other sections of this guide.  There is also a ton of info in the forums...  Good luck and good playing!