Mechanics of the Game

The key operational element of LandGrab is the LandGrab Console.   Each user is placed on the Home Screen when he/she logs in.  The key elements of the Home screen are summarized here.  The game console is covered in detail in its own section.  Click here to go to the Game Console page.  It provides explanations of the concepts of the game and how to get started.

Also, there are links on every screen of this guide to the LandGrab Home Page and the LandGrab Forums

The top LandGrab Menu provides a selection of key activities that a player may wish to accomplish.

  • The Help File is a pointer to this wiki
  • the Home Screen provides easy access to current games, a list of new games needing players, and some key LandGrab-wide statistics and rankings.
  • The Tools Screen gives access to the Map Browser, Map Editor, a to-do list for the developers, and game search options.
  • Forums is a direct link to the home page of the LandGrab Forums
  • Settings gives the player access to key personal data, including settings, notifications, buddies, etc.
  • Create Game allows the player to create a game of his/her own.
Creating a game can be either very simple of very complex depending on the options chosen.  A fairly complete explanation of game creation is found in the section entitled Creating a Game: Advanced Options.

LandGrab Scoring

As you look at each of the games, you might notice that every player has a symbol next to their name. This symbol represents the approximate number of points that each player has accumulated by playing LandGrab games. You can learn the values of each of the symbols at or by by clicking the symbol.
Players receive points for conquering territories controlled by other players, by eliminating other players, or by winning games. Points are awarded as follows: 

every conquered territory that belonged to another player. Territories owned by computer players do not gain points
for every non-computer player eliminated while you are still in the game.
for eliminating each non-computer player.Human players who have been borgified (or replaced with computer players)
for eliminating every player and winning the game
(in team games) for each player on the winning team, whether or not the player has been vanquished prior to the game’s end. Note: To earn points for a team victory, you cannot leave the game until the team has won.

What is the best method for climbing the charts?
The advice that many of the top players give is to play a lot of games. On the whole, this is sound advice. The more you play LandGrab, the more you will learn about which strategies work and which don’t. Being in several games at one time provides you with more opportunities to earn points. So between the experience that you gain and the increased opportunity to earn points, playing in more games does help you climb the charts.

The downside to the Play More Games strategy is that there is more than one chart, and therefore, more than one way to judge how well a player is doing. Six different Top User charts evaluate players based on highest win ratios, greatest average number of territories conquered, and on.
You don’t have to play 3000 games to catch up with some of the most seasoned players. If you desire to compete with them, you can choose your battles wisely and out maneuver top players on a different chart.

LandGrab Coins & Marketplace

Points are nice, and earning achievements is cool, but wouldn't it be really cool to be able to purchase upgrades? Well - now you can.

LandGrab Coins can be earned by conquering players, winning games, completing achievements and winning tournaments. You can also purchase LandGrab Coins using a variety of methods.

Visit the Marketplace to spend your coins. You can purchase memberships and gaming tokens. There are currently 3 types of gaming tokens available:

  • Realtime Tokens
    One realtime token allows you to join one realtime game above your free account limit. These are really only useful for free accounts.
  • Rejoin Game Tokens
    One Rejoin Token allows you to rejoin one game which you've recently been borged or quit.
  • Autopilot Tokens
    Using one Autopilot Token will enable autopilot for one game. When autopilot is enabled for a game, if you're about to timeout, you'll take a minimal turn to get a card and reinforce your holdings.

As mentioned, you can earn coins by winning games (5 coins), conquering other players (1 coin), completing achievements (one coin per achievement point) and winning tournaments (depends on the tournament). For any existing unlocked achievements, I'll be awarding the proper number of coins automatically.

You can see your coins listed on the home page, under "Membership":


Your current coin balance is also displayed on your Profile page.

The Viral Statistics

The Viral Statistics appear on the Home Page of the Game Console.  They summarize the user's current Virus Status.  Not a lot is known about the virus (yet), but here are the pertinent facts for LG 4.5.9:

-  The existing strains are rock, paper, and scissors.
-  It's transmitted when a virus-carrying player attacks another player.
-  A virus can only transmit to a player with no virus or to a player with the virus downhill from itself (so rock transmits to scissors, paper to rock, scissors to paper).
-  The cards look different to infected players.
-  If a player is not re-infected the virus will disappear after a while.

Player Statistics

Ever wonder about the your statistics in the game?  Some are pretty obvious, but others are not.  Here is a brief rundown of how the stats are computed.

Your stats will look something like this: 
typical stats

We can talk briefly about each one.

  • Score: the score is computed using the algorithm explained in an early section of this page.
  • Coins:  also explained above.
  • The next 7 categories (Number of games won, games lost, territories conquered, territories lost, players eliminated, opponents played, and unique opponents played) are all simply taken out of the games database.
  • The index is  (WinRatio)*(Average Opponents Per Game)*(Aggressiveness Factor)*(PointsPerGame)*(Exposure)
  • The win ratio is the simple computation of wins divided by total games played.  The new player above has won 5 of 15 games, or 33%
  • The expected win ratio weights the size of the games played.  If players of equal skill level play a one on one game, they should expect to win 50% of the time.  If 5 people of equal skill are playing, each should expect to win 20% of the time.  The expected win ratio, then, computes the total probability for a player based on the number of players in all the games in which he or she played in, then compares that to his/her actual win percentage.  In the case above, the newbie has won over twice as many games as statistics say he should have.
  • The next 3 categories (Avg territories taken per game, Avg. players conquered per game, and Avg. points earned per game) also come right out of the database. 
  • The aggressiveness factor is 0.6 + 0.3 * (Kills Per Game / Maximum(Kills Per Game)) + 0.1 * (Territories Per Game / Maximum(Territories Per Game))
  • The exposure is the number of Unique Opponents / Maximum(Unique Opponents).  For example, a new player likes to play games with 3 of his/her friends.  The 4 of them play 5 games.  The number of unique players is 3.  with 5 games of 4 players each, the maximum number of unique players possible is 3 times 5, or 15. 3/15 would mean that his/her exposure factor is 0.2.