Leaders is one of the most important concepts of LandGrab.  They are an extremely powerful component of your forces and should be a central part of your tactics and strategy throughout the game.  Here is a brief description of Leaders and their impact. 

Leaders are indicated by a little sword in the army box. Game hosts who select this option can choose to enable up to 5 leaders per player in the game. A leader has two advantages. He can attack at a +1 and he can defend at a +1. This means that the highest die from your roll is increased by 1. So if you roll a 6, 4, 3 it magically becomes a 7 (6+1), 4, 3.

This is a huge advantage. When attacking other leaders, or fortresses (see How it Works for an explanation of Fortresses) leaders have no advantage, but when attacking territories without leaders, your forces will be dominating. Leaders also defend at a plus one, so the highest defensive roll is increased by 1 as well. This makes leaders harder to kill. Additionally, it is important to note that leaders are always the last army killed on a territory. If you have 5L on a territory (5 armies with a leader), then your leader will keep fighting until you get totally defeated.

Because of the defensive bonus, many people place leaders at choke points to try and prevent invasions. More than that, it can be important to make sure that your leaders are not "trapped" behind your armies so that you can use the stack to attack. There are some times when you can place a leadered stack off a choke. This is done typically in situations where if anyone busts your continent, then they will free your leader thus giving you the opportunity to strike back. The idea is that your opponents will leave you alone for fear of reprisal.

Leader placement is key.  When placing your armies initially, you will first be asked where you want to place your leader. If there are multiple leaders enabled in the game, you need to keep in mind that you can only place 1 leader a round. So AFTER your first first attacking turn, you would be asked where you would like to place your 2nd leader. After the next turn your 3rd leader and so on. However if one of your leaders is killed, then it delays your ability for full leader deployment as only one leader can be placed a turn and that placement is always at the end of your turn unless... all your leaders are killed, then you will be asked to place a leader at the START of your turn.