Game Tools

Sooner or later, most LandGrabbers will go on a rant about getting crappy dice.  Now we have a way to prove it... or disprove it. 

Dice Roll Statistics

Want to see how you are doing on dice rolls?  Navigate to your player profile page and click the "Dice roll statistics" link near the bottom. You'll be greeted with your up-to-the-minute attacking dice roll statistics for all games that you've played. Note that the statistics only start tracking from the time this capability was introduced (Version 4.8.0, 10/3/2013).

But don't stop there. Click the "Advanced Search" link, and you'll see more ways to search. You can search for aggregated statistics for all games that contain an attacking player (or players), defending player or players, or select by game (or games), or other attack metadata, such as leader, fortress or capital. Running a single advanced dice roll search costs 5 LandGrab Coins.

To search multiple users, or multiple games, separate each user or game number with a comma.

Game Tools

On the left sidebar, in the game screen, just under the Cards section, you'll see a new section titled "Game Tools". Expanding that shows that you can enable Game Tools for a single game for 10 LandGrab Coins. Once enabled, you'll be able to use the new game tools for the remainder of that game. There are 3 buttons that'll be enabled:
- "Attack Path Checker"
- "Fortify Path Checker"
- "Attack Coverage"

The first (Attack Path Checker) will allow you to select a starting territory, and any number of target territories along a path. Clicking the "OK" button will then attempt to find a path from the starting territory through enemy territories, hitting each selected target territory on the way. You'll also be able to select to find the path of lease resistance (fewest enemy armies to go through), or quickest route (fewest territories). Note that this will only show you the path on the board, it doesn't actually do any attacking.

The second (Fortify Path Checker) is similar, except it only allows you to check the starting and ending territories, both of which must be yours. It'll attempt to find a path from the starting territory to the ending territory, only through your territories (or your teammates, if the "fortify-through-teammates" option is enabled in team play). This is useful mainly in "path" fortification type games.

The third (Attack Coverage) will allow you to select a starting territory, and any number of target territories. You can also bulk select using the tables below (continents, players, teams). Once you've selected your target territories, clicking the "OK" button will attempt to find a path through those enemy territories that allows you to conquer each one. Note, however, that this process can be quite complex, and may not work if there are too many territories with too many borders. For those of you interested, it's an NP-complete problem ("Traveling Salesman", or "Hamiltonian Path"). If the system cannot find a path after a certain number of tries, it will eventually give up.

Finally, there's a fourth button that allows you to view the latest path -- useful if you're attacking down that path and want to toggle it back on after a few attacks.