Route 66 trip

Get your kicks on Route 66


We all piled into the Suburban and headed down to Tulsa to start at the Metro Diner on Route 66. Then NE up the Mother Road to Joplin to see all the sights along the way. It's only about 120 miles and it took 7 hours but most of that was spent at some interesting places along the way. Here's our story....


We started with breakfast at the Metro Diner on 11th Street in Tulsa. It's going to be torn down soon to make room for the Univ. of Tulsa.

Next stop was the Blue Whale in Catoosa, it's a city park now. It was too cold to go swimming.

So, we played inside!

Next stop was in Claremore at the Will Roger's Museum.
He never met a man he didn't like. 

Just East of Foyil and about 4 miles off of Route 66 is the world's largest totem, it's 90 feet tall! This was built by Ed Galloway between 1937 and 1948.

Then a stop at the Afton Station. Too bad it was closed when we got there on a Friday morning but we peeked through the windows and took pictures anyway!

There's Sherre out in front of the station

Wish we could have gone inside, there were several great looking cars in there. 

Just down the road aways and just outside of Miami is a section of the original 9 ft wide highway!

Here's Spec pointing out the sign, that's the MIDDLE of the road. Who's that taking a picture back there?

A shot out the windshield while driving down the original road, this section was built in 1922. 

The Coleman Theater in Miami.

Here's Ron inside. This place is incredible!

The restored pipe organ which even has a MIDI player so you can hear how it sounds! This is not an audio recording, it's a recording of a professional player PLAYING the organ. A computer plays it back for you.

Upstairs at the Coleman Theater.

Spec says 'I want a sign like this!'

Next stop was just ouside of Riverton, Kansas is the last Rainbow Curve Bridge.

Here's Spec and Sherre on the bridge.

Last stop was at the Precious Moments Chapel near Carthage, Mo.

The Precious Moments Chapel that started it all.

Inside the chapel.

The best part was the car show across the street!


Spec and Betty

Pam and Ron

Kay and Harv

Sherre and Dave