Kauai was our favorite island. It's the oldest Hawaiin island and one of the smaller ones.

This canyon is known as the grand canyon of Kauai, it's not as large but just as beautiful

this falls was next on our bus tour of the island

Kauai is the wetest place on earth, this is just one of the many beautiful falls

later we went on the river cruise

the Fern Grotto

another falls near the grotto

see the green bird on this banana flower?

the whole month before our trip it had flooded all the islands

their dock had been washed away and had just been rebuilt

the next day we took a 1 hour helicopter ride around Kauai

one of the many falls we saw from the chopper

there were many of these multiple falls


views of the canyon from the air

this radar site is one that NASA uses to track the space shuttle and other things up there in orbit

view of the Na Pali coast

another falls along the Na Pali coast


we got our picture made after the ride

here we are on the beach that is near the harbor, that's our ship in the background

just a lazy afternoon on the beach

this place was just a little ways down the beach, Harvey suggested we

stop on for some Hula Pie so we did, see the picture below! mmmmmmmmm

that afternoon  we sailed and saw this rainbow along the Na Pali coast

another shot of the Na Pali coast

our last sunset from the ship

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