The Aloha tower just outside our port

we sailed that night, here it is again as we left the harbor

Wakiki beach at night

This sign welcomed us back after our cruise

The first thing we did on our return was climb this little hill, it was only .8 mile and 750 UP!

but the view was great once you got up there!

Wakiki beach area from on top of Diamond Head

one of the many lighthouses on the island

later that day we took a submarine ride on the this

inside the sub at about 100 feet deep

most of the pictures that deep were too blue but this one came out

the next day we went to visit Pearl Harbor

the USS Arizona memorial

this wall lists all the names of the men lost on the USS Arizona

being from Oklahoma we wanted to learn what happened to our state's battleship on that fateful day

the plaque below tells the story of the USS Oklahoma

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