Jack Adapters

40/80/LX450 & 100/LX470 & 200/LX570                 
                    **NEW ITEM**                                              Manufactured in the USA             
                   40 Series/80 Series/LX450

100 Series/LX470                                

                            200 Series/LX570

Jack adapter stored in jack compartment

Many thanks to my wife for pointing out the need and encouragement to design a safe method for jacking our Land Cruisers.

A factory Toyota jack is one of the most reliable well made jacks available. Little to fail and works in any position but safe placement is a problem and safety concern. This jack adapter eliminates the placement problem especially when ideal circumstance are not available. Other adapter systems are available, but I could not find any to fit under an axle with a flat tire making them pretty much worthless. 

If you have ever jacked up your Land Cruiser you know you need this.
  • For the 80 series one of the legs of the adapter is shorter for very secure front axle placement and to reduce the chance of slipping. 
  • Adapter remains tight to axle with jack fully extended. An advantage when conditions are not flat. 
  • The adapter wraps around the rear axle making placement the safest possible and very straight forward.
  • Designed to fit any jack post diameter of 1 1/2" or 2". Check your jack post size to ensure compatibility.
  • Stores rattle free with the factory jack.
  • Heavy duty fully welded construction will not distort or bend.
  • Adapter is raw with no finish.
  • Special FREE gift to make testing your new adapter more enjoyable


Jack Adapter - $36.00
Shipping is FREE in the contiguous United States only.

40/80/LX450 or any 2" jack post


100/LX470 or any 1 1/2" jack post