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I need help from the digitally literate

posted Oct 3, 2014, 3:37 AM by Ross Colliver   [ updated Oct 4, 2014, 4:10 AM ]

Dear digitally literate Landcarer

Help me create a suite of digital tools that allow a Landcare practitioner to a) track the wider NRM landscape, and b) report what is happening in their patch, c) to other practitioners in community Landcare. Paid and volunteer.

I’m Dr Ross Colliver and my specialisation is the social side of NRM. CLEA (Community Learning for Environmental Action) is a Victorian Landcare Council project, just starting, to create a peer learning and mentoring network amongst community groups. We have seed funding of around $30k for three years.

My program logic: if what innovators in Landcare are doing on opportunities is better documented and shared around with other innovators, it will build stronger relationships between innovators, and that will in turn drive the pace and quality of innovation in Landcare.

To facilitate this, I want a mix of digital tools and facilities that allows an individual to search, speak and connect, something that doesn’t rely too strongly on central management and sourcing, or initiation at only one point. I want to connect innovation at many points across the multilevel NRM system. I want communication tools in the hands of practitioners.

This website right here, “The Next Step Up” puts together text and video on Google sites, with Vimeo storage. I use Google's blospot for my local Landcare group, where I'm pushing ore images into our posts, a Wordpress site for my own business, and Yammer for two project teams. I admire ABC Open, and I love RN. I use a Nokia Lumia 920, a Zoom H2n recorder, and an old Lumix camera. Last week I used Windows 7 Movie Maker to assemble 17 short movies of places on the Edwards and associated rivers with the Wera Wera and Perrepa Perrepa nations around Deniliquin, as we trialled a river/wetland assessment tool. I'm for simple tools, and getting the most out of them.

After a lifetime of making words, I'm into audio. I want to a) learn a couple of things in Google sites that I can't get to work, for website “What Landcare Knows” (okay it's a working title), b) create a podcast process (from edit to download) that lets people listen to audio material on their phone while driving those long country miles, c) get on top of Mailchimp, because I’ve been told that email beats social media in driving traffic to a website, d) find a simple audio editor.

You can help me, in order of probability, with: a) a phone conversation on any of these matters b) one of us dropping in on the other for a conversation. Share a slice of your strategies for prospering in the digital blizzard.  How do you get the good news out around your local place, and wider? What would you do in my situation? 

For the CLEA game plan, see "CLEA three starting points and one approach." For the Year One Deliverables, go here.

Contact me on 0411 226519, , rosscolliver (on skype).

The evolving design will be announced at the next VLC Regional Forum 17-19 October, in the Mornington Peninsula, (all contributions acknowledged) and tested instantly in the next workshop of the Systemic Inquiry into NRM Governance in the Corangamite Region, 20th October, near Winchelsea. 21st October. See the invite to this event here.

Yours in effortless learning,