Have a Blessed Day Everyone!!
May our LORD fill your hearts with the peace only He can provide.
GOD is waiting for you, will you accept his gift of salvation?

What you do makes a difference in others lives, go forth to love and serve the LORD! As we enjoy the blessings of freedom in these United States, remember those who are persecuted for their faith.  See the Voice of the Martyrs website for information on how you can help.  

Welcome!  Our goal is to provide you with words and pictures to warm you, body and soul. God takes us down many paths in our lives. Some take the high road, some the low road.  Others take paths while we are led down the hidden trails. We are using this site to consolidate the different sites we have developed and maintain.  Please feel free to roam around the many trails inside.  
Picture tree art quilt
Circle angel quilt
Row by Row 2017


See the Future Quilt and Art events tab for more information. Hope to see you at these fun event.