Since designing a quilt has many aspect, I thought it might be interesting for others to view what it takes to design a quilt.  So you will find here quilts in different stages of creation.  I hope you enjoy this inner view of a quilt designer.
Here is a very small wallhanging project.  If you are an artist, you know that ideas will come when they are ready, we just have to plant the seed.  So with the seed planted, God put the image in my mind.  So began the process of putting it down on paper.  Taking paper and pen, I went outside in the bright sunshine and let the hands do their work.
 sketch 1Here is my first sketch. You will notice the different angles and how they are not the polished templates you see when you purchase a quilt pattern 
Sketch 2

 Here is my second sketch. Now you can see the image starting to develop in a more solid form.


Now go to designs in progress to see what happens next...

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