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Welcome inside the designing mind... We started this website to let you into some of the different aspects of designing.  If you wish to see our total product line, please go to our main website http://www.LandBTrails.net  Like all things in this life, we are constantly changing and hopefully improving.  Please come back often and wander down the different trails inside.

Orphan Quilt Project - making quilts for those in need, will you join us in this project?

Here are a few quilts I have recently completed, notice they are just the outline...

Fishing Foray

Fishing ForayThis is called Fishing Foray.  I just picked out the fabric for the fish.  I used scraps of patterned fabric like batiks to contrast the dark blue fabric I'm using for the background.  After the applique is done I'll pick the next colors. This pattern is built with the blocks in a step procedure.  When the blocks are combined, they form the center cross section.
Jessie Grandpa quilt
Grandpa Memory Quilt
This quilt is a Grandpa Memory quilt.  The fabric being used if from my father-in-law who passed away a few years ago. He is the reason I got into quilting.  Now he guides me from heaven.  When I quilt he comes along with.  He was a great gardener, I feel his presence there as well.

Grandpa Memory Quilt continued - click here for the ongoing progress of this quilt
Princess PrancePrincess Prance
This is the Princess Prance quilt which I made for my granddaughter.  She had chosen batiks and other patterns.  I'm making it again for an art exhibit with silk fabrics for the dresses and pastels for the backgrounds to better display the princesses. I'm almost done with the applique and then I will be choosing the fabric for the rest of the quilt.