Local Worthies

This web page is a record of some of the local men and women associated with Lancing & Sompting who are/were famous or have distinguished themselves in their respective fields.


Lord Alfred Douglas ~ Oscar Wilde’s “Bosie” lived towards the end of his life at Monks Farm

House, North Road, with Sheila Coleman and her husband.

Anna Sewell ~ Lived at Fircroft, Manor Road. Wrote Black Beauty.

Ronald G P Kerridge ~ Local Historian lived in First Avenue, Lancing.

Basil Handford  ~ Author & Local Historian. Lived in the Street. Studied and taught at 

Lancing College, man & boy.

George Shaw ~ Local Historian and Teacher at Lancing College lived in Mill Road.

Jack Greenhall  ~ Cartoonist. His first "Useless Eustace" cartoon appeared in the Daily Mirror

on 21 January 1935. He died in Lancing in July 1983.

Sir Henry Cooper ~ As a child, heavyweight boxer was evacuated from London to Lancing,

 along with identical twin brother, George.

Sir Sydney Samuelson ~ He started his career at The Luxor, Lancing as a Rewind Boy.

Sir Henry Ralph "Harry" Ricardo ~ One of the foremost designers and researchers of the 

internal combustion engine. Lived at Penstone Park, which hosted the Basque Refugees.  

McCarthy family ~ Famous photographers and postcard makers.

Hertha Ayrton ~ Born Phoebe Sarah Marks, distinguished woman designer of fan or "flapper"

to push the gases out of the trenches......the flapper gas mask. 

Harold Piffard ~ Pilot of first flight from Shoreham Aerodrome

Nathaniel Woodard ~ Founder of Lancing College

Harold Annison ~  Olympic Swimmer lived at Brown Gables, Mill Road.

Ted Walker ~  The writer was born in Lancing in 1934 and grew up at 186, Brighton Road, by

the Widewater. His autobiographical work, The High Path is named after the footpath at the 


John Jabez Edwin Mayall ~ Lived at Storks Nest, which was on the Brighton Road just east 

of The Terrace. He was a Victorian photographer to the rich and famous including Queen 


Charles Austin ~  Comedian and Music Hall entertainer and six times King Rat of The Grand 

Order of Water Rats. He lived at Charleigh which was on the corner of Western Road and 

Brighton Road.

Edward Woodward ~ Actor & Screen Star, known for "The Wicker Man" among many others.

Attended South Lancing  School.  Family were bombed out of their home in Croydon three 

times during the Blitz. He may only have been  evacuated here for a year or two but 

thought Lancing was a "seaside idyll" for a  London kid. He finished his schooling in Surrey.

Robin Driscoll ~ A British actor and writer, best known for his  Mr Bean sitcom with Rowan 

Atkinson, which became a worldwide hit. He has spoken of the profound impact of his Sussex
upbringing. Robin lives in Hurstpierpoint but  grew up in Lancing, where he attended

Boundstone Community College. He believes it was his time here that allowed him to forge

his career in entertainment. “We had some truly inspirational teachers – art teachers and

English teachers" , reserving particular praise for former headteacher, Steve Love.  His debut
novel is "Rough Music".

Henry William Doll  ~  Lived at Faust House (once opposite Lancing Library and Health 

Centre), Councillor & one time owner of the Railway Hotel.

The Terrace, opposite Beach Green, Lancing was home at various times to the 


William Chorley ~ Of former Homes of Rest/Bell Homes. He lived sometime at The Terrace.

Algernon Charles Swinburne ~  National Poet, stayed regularly at The Terrace.

Isabel Jay ~  Famous Opera Singer. Lived at the Terrace.

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Edward Vaughan Hyde Kenealy ~  Barrister and Q.C. famous for the “Tichborne case”. He


lived at The Terrace.     Click Here:


Charles A Morris ~ Artist, painted many local scenes, of which Worthing Museum have

several. He lived sometime at Myrtle Cottage, West Street, Sompting.

Bill Lindfield ~ Last Cowboy of Sussex ~ see sub-page: Click Here:

Harriet Finlay-Johnson ~ Avant guard Educationalist.

Edward John Trelawny ~ Poet and Adventurer.

Montague Shadworth Seymour Moore VC ~  The Montague family lived in Sompting until 

some time after the 1901 census.    Click Here:

Arthur Pullen Bury ~ Progressive horticulturist and inventor moving greenhouse.

Thomas Henry King who was born in 1869 and died in 1952 was co-founder of the Trebor Company (Robert backwards)

He lived in Trebor Cottage (No. 40 Cokeham Lane) for some twenty years. The property was  immediately south

of  Fig Tree Cottages and before Holmcroft.  His second wife, Marion King stayed on in the home and died 

25  April 1960 in Worthing, aged 90.           Click Here:

Although perhaps those listed on the Tithing Times memories page do not fully qualify as local "worthies", most are folk having connections with our area:    Click Here: