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November 29 2015

Over the Summer we played Sci Fi some Napoleonics and Nile River War. Last Couple of Saturday nights played a few Euro's. I would like to Get more games of DBA in. 

March 15 2015

I have published my first VASSAL module and all materials pertaining to my New Free game LR Mollwitz here.

August 12 2013

Looks like I up date about once a year go figure. We have started playing Napoleonic Miniatures again. Saturday nights starting between 7p and 8p.

I enjoyed the year of board games very much. So I am playing online using VASSAL a couple of times a week. I like to play live using Skype for voice communication. It's really nice way to play a game.

August 15 2012

After last nights failed save disaster I'm just going o list some of the games we have been playing. I've been having Paul, Joe and Chris come over separate nights each week for 1 on 1 two player board games. Reid's made it a very few Sunday nights but basically I could still use a regular or semi regular Sunday night playmate.

Conflict of Heroes: Awakening the Bear

Every one in the group has played at least one game of this so far. And we all like it to varying degrees.  I so much that I have two of it's sister games coming to me in the mail via trades. It is as described a WII, East Front, Squad level game.

The only reason it is not an impulse movement/combat game is because the author chooses to call the impulses turns. In the past I have not liked impulse liked so much. As they were often very slow. This goes fast with small maps and low unit density.

Grossbeeren 20

This is a member of the Victory Point Games, Napoleonic 20 series. Again small maps low unit density. They play out in 90 minutes or so. They are very cool except for the part that given competent play on both sides the historical victor will always win. So I'd like to play these some more (we have 5 or 6 of them) But would need to handicap the victory conditions for balance. Everybody has played at least one game and all like.

Nothing Gained But Glory

This is sort of a deviation form the norm. 24 dense pages of rules and taking up to an hour to play a turn. Only Chris and i have played it.  But the reaction rules give it an almost impulse quality with most of the down time owing to look up rules in the rule book. Yet I like it and so does Chris. Because of Chris' schedule we have only been able to play in 2-3 hours spurts. We need to figure out a way to get a solid 4-5 hour window to get a full game in one sitting.

Victory Point Games

we have Played a few other games by these guys. they are mostly pretty good and fast. I highly recommend your checking them out.


I highly recommend this as THE place to buy your games. And I'm not getting paid to say that!

August 14 2012

Just letting you know I'm still alive. Playing mostly board games this year.

Damn I wrote this long thing about with games we are playing with links and shit. And when I went to save it it disappeared

December 17 2010

Wow that was only Nov 23 that I prepped the first Late Romans. Here it is less than 30 days later and Paul and I have got two 300 point DBM Late Roman armies painted one Eastern one Western. I even have some of them based. Should finish basing this week. Paul is definitely the Better painter between us now. Faster and better looking. I noticed today I have to use smaller brushes because my hands aint as steady anymore. So it takes longer to cover the same area its taking me like six or seven strokes to paint a spear haft now used to take only four!

Nov 23 2010

Got the first of the Late Romans stuck on their painting sticks and primed. was thinking of painting the Gepids at the same time but decided painting guys in uniforms and not at once might cause problems. Maybe I'll go with a Batch of Romans then a batch of Gepids etc-

NOV 22 2010

Finally got enough room to store all the minis.

Also Built a little cabinet around an exhaust fan so I can primer figures when it is cold outside. I hope to paint 15mm Late Romans and Gepids this winter.

NOV 17 2010

Been wrenching on the game room/ workshop a lot.

Paul and I messing around with DBM some. But simplifying and wrenching the movement rules to readable English. 

Last Month sculpted and cast new figures for Late Imperial Roman (Morphs to middle and Patrician), Various Barbarians and Parthians. Hopefully get at least a couple of new armies painted this Winter

Jan 28 2010

Updated "HOT WAR" Rules see Hot War Page.

 Jan 26 2010

Added "HOT WAR" Micro Game under New left side of Home page. Google has fundamentally changed the way the Google pages work so it is going to take me a while to figure it out. (if ever). So I think you can download the game at the bottom of the HOT WAR page but would not put money on it.

Paul and I finished off painting a a 1813 Prussian army I started like ten years ago (or more). Gamed it 2x since Under Paul. Won once lost once. Still have to stick the flags on the little Nazi's.

Oct 10 2009

We have been alternating Miniatures mostly ancients and Euro games.

 Finally allegedly tomorrow my Contractor shows up to insulate the garage. Then begins the long process of  creating as close to a perfect game room out of it as I can. Should be damn good in the summer when I went over to get an air conditioner the only thing they had was a unit big enough to cool 1,200 sq ft. the area is 380 sq ft. icicles in July! There will be a door going out to a covered patio big enough to put an 4 x 8 table on in the spring and fall.


Never jelled on my Korea game. I just finished the black and white map for the battle of Zorndorf 25 August 1758. Should only need a few more unit counters than Grossjaegersdorf. The Zorndorf battle is interesting from the stand point that Frederick marched his whole army over a river through woods and marshes completely around the Russian army facing him. So had the Russians not sat on their asses for half a day they could have caught him on the march. I see several scenarios for this game.






June 28 2009


Paul Chris and I have been contining to play or at least meet most Saturday around 6p up until the wee hours of Sunday morning eg 2 a..

New Group “Member’ Joe came week before last and ran a “Johnny Reb” game in 15mm. Paul and I took the Reb’s (I am actually a Union Man but sides make no difference to me in games) Joe the Union. Paul and I badly flummoxed by die rolls in a game which has a pretty steep bell curve for die results. EG an infantry charge can go form 3” to 18” based on the roll of  3-6 siders. We were playing the basic game that is only 4 or 5 pages long with an additional 4 pages of charts and tables. This goes in many ways toward being a “Free Kriegespiel”. Any way joe proceded to roll up our left in a workman like fashion (aided by some hot dice). We got all over his left but failed. I realy needed Paul to actually believe me when I told him I need him to advance his Right (our center in support of my flanking maneuver. Oh well:^(


Then this week Joe and I played a WWII scenario for which he had written the rules. I was much happier with the results and rules as Joe was more convinced than I, that he had in fact lost. I was calling it a Bloody stale mate at best. 


Think I’m going to swing by my storage and pick up some 15mm WWII and try playing a WWII semi skirmish card driven game I should have in Beta by this coming weekend.



Also another potential palyer Mike showed up Sat Night for a meet and greet event. He brought an interesting looking racing game i could see us playing some time in the future.

 FEB 08 2009

Paul and I had a good couple of games of Gross Jagersdorf on Saturday night. Using all alternate victory conditions and the reduced Russian OOB. Paul played Prussians both times got a win (by attrition) and a draw. The Draw could have been Russian Victory if I had moved a single Russian unit in to the Norkitten wood on the last turn. By the same token if he had moved a couple of units in to the wood it could have been a Prussian victory. So I’m thinking we might be close to a balanced scenario now. Gross Jagersdorf rules version is #3 now in the Gross Jagersdorf zip download. If this is a hassle for the bandwidth challenged E-Mail me and I will send you the rules only


We also talked a bit about the OOB for Peoples Volunteer Army (the Chosin Campaign). I’m going to work an a generic OOB to test with starting in a couple of weeks (unless Chris shows up for multi player) Paul is collecting info for a more “Historical” OOB though in both cases I’m thinking some level of abstraction is going to be in play.


My basic philosophy for game design miniatures or board is


1] I’m looking for a game that can play in a couple of hours and more importantly is fun.


2] Does it feel like the battle in question? Is it Plausible? The answer wants to be yes. But I can Marshall a lot of Rationalization in the interests of protecting item 1!!!

 FEB 02 2009

Paul and I played my new free Gross Jagersdorf game on Saturday night. I added some optional OOB and victory conditions but other than that it runs like a Swiss clock. If you like simple old fashioned games in the spirit of the SPI intro games or Quads that is what I was shooting for.


January 26 2009

Weekend before last Chris graced us with his presence. We played “Risk 2210” one of the better Risk Morphs. Though Paul said he would just as soon play Risk if playing Risk, he did say it might be interesting if we came up with rules for the different pieces. Something to think about.


This Saturday Paul and I got around to actualy hot seating “The Operational Art Of War III” Chosin scenario. Paulhad just finnished reading Russel Spurs Book on the Korean war so he was making comments as we played. This got me into thinking about how I would represent Pauls takeaway messages from the book in a game.  I put a lot of effort into cutting and pasting the sections of the TOAW map into a jpeg so I could print the thing and use it to play a board game. I got it done THEN I go and buy HEXDRAW. That’s kind of bass akwards I guess.


So last couple of days I’ve been busy snaging freeware clipart and making countersheets. I’m sticking with black silohetes as I can just print them on white paper then photo copy to colored paper. I’ll have the maps color printed. Hope I can get done by next Saturday. Oh and of course write rules.




December 17 2008

Not much gaming lately Chris has been hanging out with some chick (He should eventually get his priorties straight). Paul and i have been B.Sing and listening to music on Sat Nights but would play if a 3rd showed up for multi player. Ed will probably come down for Xmas we must game then. I was sick on thanks giving so had to pass when he was down then.



Well lots happened since my last post Randy H came up 2x from So Cal to Play Napoleonics. So two nice multi day sessions. Paul, Chris Ed and I have gotten in a lot of  multi player Sci Fi games in. Find rules at the bottom of the rules section.

This coming Sat Night Mike Gunn and possibly others down from Roseberg for the Regular Sat night Game. So though I am in the middel of moving and remodeling and have a vacancy to fill I'm taking Sat off for party planning! We could wind up with 6 guys so I'll have to get creative and move some crap around.

The new Game room will hopefully have room for 2 full sized tables and maybe we get the Roseburg team down more often. Maybe try to go for an earlier start 1 x a month.



JULY 12 2008

Uploaded latest morph of 6 page Napoleonics. Download for the main Home page under free rules. The variable initative scheme under optional rules on Page 7 can easily be adapted to  any of my games and is in fact what we have been using as the default since my last post here.

JUNE 2 2008

Paul and I played Napoleonics Saturday night as Chris went to the car races(without bothering to tell anybody) two good games done in less than 3 hours each. Though somewhat wrecked by Paul rolling down on like 85% of his dice saw key units running in terror with few hits on them. Calls for some massaging of the morale rules to make this impossible. But I won't post the new set till after we have played them.

May 28 2008

 Chris, Paul and I played a Game of "Conquest of the Empire" on Saturday night. We are going to graft Political and trade on to it hopefully for next week.

Reid and I knocked out a good Napoleonic game Late Sunday night. He beat the crap out of me though he said it was "close". In fact he is the main reason for this up date. He wanted me to put up the most recent "6 Page Napoleonics" and Drill Manual. So check the Free Rules section on the HOME PAGE



Randy did make it up from So Cal the beginning of the week. We got two good Napoleonic Games in using "6 Page Napoleonics" as usual this resulted in a new edition of the rules. But I won't post those until a couple of battles get fought. Randy's Figures are Gorgeous But I did not take any pics maybe he will send some. We played two games that came in at a little under 5 hours apiece splitting 1 and 1. Interesting this was the first time Randy had played any of my rules in 18 years, yet he plays faster than Paul. This might be, because Randy is not pausing to detail month by month V-1 Rocket production figures for 1944 thru 45;^)

Last weekend, Paul Chris and i got a Game of Vinci in, but it was a short Saturday night. I'm looking at houses so I had to do a late night drive by on a prospect to see what the wildlife was up to in the neighborhood. To figure out how often I would be calling the Cops. Took a few years but my current neighborhood is completely pacified. I don't care what people do, as long as I don't have to watch it or more importantly hear it.

Hopefully we will be playing "Conquest of the Empire" tonight. Eagle Games edition, allegedly fixes the catapults and other issues.

May/11/08 Part II

Just posting the "Drill Manual" the LOS rules ilustrated are germain to games we play in any period. The formations and contact rules generic to any linear warfare. You want this if You have 1450 or 6 Page Napoleonics to be sure.


Saturday night Paul and Chris showed up to play but we had a power outage the first two hours and never really started a game, just B.s.ed till about 10p then quit.

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Ed came down from Corvalis so we played a game Friday night. Much to the help of the rules. Not having Ed around has gotten me sloppy on rules writing a little. Stuff like forgetting that it is not good enough to make it really unfavorable to charge in to melee with a March Column, you actually have to have an absolute prohibition against it!!!



Ed was offered  choice of armies the same ones Paul and I played last week Spanish and French he suggested dice for armies so we did he wound up with the French.


He spent most of the game trying to slip Light Cav in Marching columns through gaps in my units. For the most part I avoided this. But it did tie down a lot of troops doing it. That was the North Flank (North is always top of page in the first picture). South flank a little of the same but only one squadron that I had to deal with there.


Then basically he just did as had Paul the week before, an unimaginative frontal assault on my grand battery unlike Paul he actually eventually got there and took out the guns. OTH He did not win before we had to call it owing to real world time.


Ed was shooting dice with that French army just as crappy as I had the week before. OTH I was not shooting dice as crappy with the Spanish as had Paul the week before. Though Paul’s dice had not been as crappy as my French at some critical junctures. Now I’m thinking this French army just has bad Karma and may need to be replaced!!!!


Given dice though I am not at all sure that the scenario is unfair. On the turn we stopped I think it was just down to morale rolls in 1-2 turns to determine victory and I think it could have gone either way. Check out the Red Shaken markers, yellow Broken markers and Green death dice in the final picture.


Yet at some point in the game I had mused that in future a balancing mechanism might be to instead of having all armies break at 50%, have big crappy ones break at 40% and Small elite ones break at 75%. Just prior to the final turn we played Ed suggested we institute this rule immediately. My army of course breaking at 40% and his at 75%. This is of course just typical of our Ed and why we love him;^). After my initial response of F.U. Pal. I said that I would go for it with the understanding that it would be referred to as the “Special Ed handicap rule” when I blogged it on the Inter web. This caused a not so subtle Kaleidoscope of emotions to flash across Ed’s face.


“I want to Win, I need to Win, I have to win.”


“The three guys that read Lance’s page will know what I am all about. Ergo permanent shame.”


First picture is the set up after secret deployment with general French axis of advance lined in Yellow (yes I picked that color on purpose) General Spanish in Red.


The following pictures depict the table at the conclusion of each following turn. Click to make 'em bigger.





We have been continuing to play I just have not been up dating this page. Actually kind of a boring process for me;^)

Paul and I played Napoleonics Last Saturday night with the Simple 6 Page Napoleonics. Worked very well,game done in under 4 hours. Not bad for a first run On a set of rules (Which BTW are what we wound up with by the time we finished). One thing we will never do again is actually remove bases as casualties till the whole unit goes away. Makes it hard to identify formations. And causes questions about lines of fire.

I Played the French Paul Played the Spanish and won. As After I had Broken the 2 White Battalions moving up south of the town with arty fire. I changed targets allowing them to recover to Steady before being permanently Broken and destroyed. Victory was first to knock out 50% of the hostile Army by bases Arty counting as 2. It did not help that his single squadron of heavies on the northern flank saw off and destroyed both of my squadrons of Light Cav, that were combined into a single unit, this was a deal with dice (of course;^).

This is about as complicated of a Game as Paul Likes and for the most Part myself as well. I add Chrome for guys Like Randy and Reid.

Randy is comming up from So Cal around the 19th to Play Napoleonics hence the sudden interest.



This is just a quick update to note that we are still playing regular games in Medford. Reid is really back now from his long training mission for his work so he and I have gotten a few games in Sunday LATE night.

Reid took the first of the 1940 French vehicles to paint. I'm hoping to have the first of the French infantry out by end of next week. So some time in the next couple of months there should be a KG Ost module for France 40. Real Irony here as the French stuff gets ready Paul and I figured out we are more interested in Poland 39.

There is today an up date of KG Ost includes a adjusted point system and More designer notes.

Also if you have E mailed me and not gotten through or a reply, try again I'm changing my contact link to my Gmail account as it seems my old E Mail ISP has been spamifiying a plot of incomming mail.



Eventually I will add this stuff and more as a supplemental document to the KGO rules Zip 

Kampfgruppe Ost Designer’s notes

We have been playing some game that is some morph of KGO for over a year now. I/m guessing we have played something 30-40 games at this point. The base scenario has is based on a play area 8 hexs wide and 6 or 7 hexs deep. On which are 5 objective hexes that are towns. These are distributed semi symmetrically on the map with connecting roads. Other terrain is 4 woods hexs and 4 Hill hexs distributed semi symmetrically on the map. Each side deploys up to two hexs in on opposites long edges of the map. The winner is that side that occupies 3 objectives at the end of turn 8.

The OOB’s have usually been as follows.


2x 2 Recon

3x 2 Armor

2x 2 Mechanized infantry (Panzer grenadier)

1x 2 Mechanized artillery

1x 2 Horse artillery

5x 2 Infantry

4x 1 Security



1x 2 Recon

2x 4 Armor

1x 4 Horse artillery

6x 4 Infantry

1x 4 Cavalry

3x 1 Security


The Lions share of the games played did not give the Germans +1 to combat dice for being German. As I thought that the Germans should get enough of an edge from being able to pick whether they wanted to move first or second and attack first or second each turn. The results were that early on the Germans were losing most but not all of the battles. This surprised me. As time went on the Russians were reduced by the removal of 1 of the 4 strength infantry units. This resulted in a German victory most of the time. Until we figured out how to play the Russians then if the Russian plays conservatively the Russians will win if they do not suffer a run of bad dice or make a serious mistake. So much for my thought, that the choice of phasing order should be a decisive advantage. Simple fact is the Soviets can afford to lose men the Germans can’t.

            I am hoping that eventually we get this worked out to an even game when the Russians outnumber the Germans 2-1. My plans are as follows for further balancing trials.


1] See what happens when the Soviets do not get +1 on artillery combat dice.


2] Try more games with the Germans +1 on all combat dice.

3] Try reducing the game turn length













The above picture is @ Turn 2 end of German movement. The Soviets have moved first and blundered badly (I'm probably the Soviets can't remember if it was Chris or Paul as the Krauts.) The Soviet group on the central hex row bellow the town can be attacked from three hexs in a situation where the German could bring up enough Infantry to absorb casulties for the Armor and Panzer Grenadier. In this case there will probaly be 1 combat round.

German Dice

2 x Arty +1

6 x Armor +1 (attacking in to clear)

2 x Recon no modifier

10 x Infantry and PG no modifier

6 x Infantry armor pairs for combine arms dice no modifier.

So the German is rolling 8 dice +1 this should give 2.6 kills on average.

He is also rolling 18 unmodfied dice this should give 6 kills on average.

By contrast the Soviet has

4 x Arty +1

4 x Armor +1 (Defending in clear)

4 x Infantry unmodified

4 x Infantry armor pairs combined arms dice no modifier.

so for a total of 5.2 probable kills

The German can take kills off of infantry and recon. The soviet is stuck probably losing 4 infantry and a significant number of tanks.  The tank losses will really hurt the Soviets offensive capability in the following turns. A smart German will not advance after combat leaving the soviets with no realistic attacks in in the current turn. As the Soviet Arty will be shot out for the turn from defensive fire and the german has 2 arty left to defend the town hex. Given the Panzer Grenadiers will add =1 defending in the town and the Ruskie would get no modified dice a russian attack on the town is a bad idea it will result in dead tanks. The German recon can retreat before combat in both cases.



Saturday night Paul and I played Mirrored games of Kampfgrupp Ost.  He snuffed me both as the Germans and as the Soviets. Though when I was playing the Germans I did manage a daring rear area raid that took out all the Soviet artillery. Of course in turn the raiding Germans were all cut off and destroyed. Losing me 1/3 of my armor and half of my mechanized infantry (Panzer Grenadiers).

Sunday Chris and I played Maxims and Mausers.  Though as usual Chris was complaining bitterly after every combat about my superior dice throwing skills he still racked up a victory as defending Germans vs a Russian attack.
Funny thing happened in this game I had taken an objective town early in the game. Chris kept feeding troops in to a woods adjacent to this town, as I methodically moved troops around the town toward another objective. In spite of my stellar die rolls I just could not seem to make a dent in the troop concentration in the woods. Fire from which was slowing down my flanking maneuver. Suddenly I realized that Chris was observing no stacking rules!!! he had something like 12 out of 8 possible units in the woods hex. I point this out to him so he corrects it. The net result being that the over stacked units had no where to go but a hex even more inconvenient for my flanking move. Oh well.

Posted Kampfgrupp Ost to free rules

Posted Up dated Maxims and Masers to free rules



Finaly got the new hex tiles cut out painted and flocked. The progression of this project can be seen Here

Spent most of my time this week playing IMPERIAL GLORY. This Is a real good Beer and Pretzles Computer Game based very loosly on the Napoleonic period. It also Real Cheap on AMAZON. And WOW there is a  MAC VERSION

So Another Week at least till I put up The WWII rules. But I might stick the Sci Fi Hex Rules up tomorow night as I have no real plans to work on them in the near future and they seemed to be working OK.



There is now an adenda page within the zip for Maximums & Mausers. Mostly it clarifies the priorties by wich casulties are inflicted in a hex under attack. Sad to say it is not some of my most clear writing so I hope it hurts no ones head. 

No game with Chris on Thursday this week. Ed Headed up to Corvalis where he is going to be going to school for the next couple of years. Hopefully we will see him from time to time when he gets the Jones on for a game or two. Paul and I are solid for a game Saturday not starting around 7:30.


Ed and I played WWII  Thursday night. I'm hoping to have the latest version of this East front miniatures on Hexagons game uploaded for download next week. Ballancing this has been a lot of work and still not really there seems like whenever we change even a little on the OOB it swings the game toward one side or the other. Probalby need to implement some sort of broader points scoring. Reid and I played the previous Sunday night. He should be good for a game a month again starting in Novmeber. By the way with most of the games we play a 4 hour night usually means at least to games. The loser of the first game decides whether he wants to play the oposite side or stick with what he started with. in a way this is game balancing as the relative results can be compared.

Vinci again this Saturday night, early Sunday morning. Ed,Paul and I played five games. I pulled out 3 wins mostly because of Ed and Paul going at each other splitting the other two victories. 

Before the game I got more 15mm 1914 Russians painted. and finished getting the Fall/Arid sides done on new hex tiles for the game table. I'm wishing over the years flocked all my miniature bases in this color. After all in most of the world even areas with heavey rain fall like Oregon the grass and brush is yellow brown most of the time only for a couple of months in spring is it green. 

Any way hoping to get a 1914 game in with Chris on Thursday night.



Last night Chris,Ed, Paul and I played several games of "Vinci" I am sure you can google it up on "Board game Geek".

Ed is moving back closer (but not real  close) to Medford so we might be seeing him every couple of months or so. He is a viscously competitive player. Bound to over kibbutz in multi player games but we still love him. And love to collude to defeat him.

I think Reid should shortly conclude his training for work. So maybe getting some games in with him again starting soon. Reid usually wants to play on Wednesday nights. Reid is a pretty darn good (if not very fast) figure painter. So maybe more painted army growth as well.

Slowly But Slowly I am getting the first batch of Morro's and Americans done for the 15mm Philippine insurrection line done. so hopefully by next week I will actually be getting something done on my 1940 French army and associated Germans in 1940 collors.

To that end as well I am going through WWII rules and trying to justify the written rules with the way we have actually been playing them the last several months. These rules though played on Large hexagons with miniatures are substantially different from "Maxims and Mausers" they are semi operational so only arty has a range but movement and combat are very fluid.

Enough for today.