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Gross Jagersdorf

August 30 1757 

I've got all of about 10 hours into this game including doing the map in color after the guy at Staples gave me the wrong quote on color prints 17"x20". Then getting the right quote and deciding to do the map over in BW. I am not counting time spent waiting in line at Staples so they could tell me that their machine was broken or that nobody knew how to run the machine that works. But they are very nice especially Whitney.


 SKIP the crap and download the game. And then get torqued cause you can't figure out why its printing wrong!

New color Map

 right click to open in new window blow up then save image as

The Battle 

Google <Gross Jagersdorf Battle> all the words. and you'll be looking at all the same stuff I did. WIKI Just think of all the time going to the Library Jim Dunigan could have saved if he just waited 35 years!

Design Notes


Couple of feed backs I got made me think I should probably give some Info on what I was trying to do and how I did it.

Hex = Apx. 250 meters


This argues for a greater artillery range on raw stats but I’m not sure in the case of actual effective range. Also there was much smoke from burning villages though nobody bother to mention which villages were burning. So try a range of 3 hexes (or even 4) if you like but I’d cut the attack factor of the guns in half in that last hex or two.


The units are not Battalions they are generically coupled battalions. To rationalize no stacking on the hex scale and to reduce unit count.


If you like print two sets of counters and introduce a stacking level of 2 or 3. BTW the stronger infantry units are the Grenadiers.


The OOB was pretty much taken straight off this map. Which seems to depict in most cases 2 battalion regiments if compared to the Old HnM scenario (which only covers the portion of the battle north of Alm Creek.) This works well for what I am trying to do. I would have liked to extedn the map a few more hex's south but the form I took was dictaded by wanting to print on 4 8.5x11's with decent sized hexes. Life is compromise.

The deployment that I have is supposed to be the point at which the Prussians begin their advance from around Gross Jagersdorf. With the Russians still in camp around Norkitten. This allows greater operational flexibility to the gamer than an imediate "pre contact" deployment. Which is what I belive the map linked to above to depict.

Victory Conditions


Those concerning the Norkitten Wood are rationalized on the simple basis that both sides fought like they really wanted the thing.


Those concerning the area between the Alt and Litten creeks; are rationalized in that control of this area and the control or threat to the Alt creek bridge. Threatens the Russian line of communication across the Pregel river (east edge of map north of Alt creek) plausibly resulting in Russian withdrawal.


Those concerning Prussian proximity to Gross Jagersdorf enforce a minimal requirement on the Prussian player to defend his own lines of communication.

 Consider the game a living document I have left the components as files that are easy to edit both graphically and textually. You can change anything you like with little difficulty.

The Map

It was generated with the excellent  HEX DRAW Program. Then massaged with NEO PAINT a low learning curve graphics program for us guys that don't care about Tubes and won't pay more than 50 bucks.

I include in the zip 5 map files 1 is the whole map as bellow.

It prints nice in 17x20 format at Staples in BW for under 2 bucks. Problem is, it takes 'em around a freaking week to do it (NO SHIT). I did not texture this map so you with deeper pockets and more band width can color it yourselves. Paul and I playtested on a map pieced together from the 4 other map files. These I did crumple tex and looks nice and period parchy when printed on cream colored paper. 

To Print I opened in Paint set at 95% size with a .25 margin. All the map sections include a significant chunk of their adjacent brethren to make fitting together easier until they all go helter skelter the second you apply the first piece of scotch tape.


Single file in color print at Staples for about 59 cents on 8.5x 11. I used spray glue to mount them on matte board then hit it with clear satin spray after the glue dried and before I cut them out. 

If you go with the 4 piece map trim all the black edges off the counters as you cut them out. If you use the 17x 20 map you actually might want to blow them up a bit.

The Rules

Basically I was shooting for another board game like the old SPI Napoleon At Waterloo introductory game. It wound up being about 20% more complicated then that. But Paul and I got through 4 games fur enough to figure out the Prussians can't win the historical scenario between 8pm and 1am including a burger break. I guess since the Prussians lost the real battle this qualifies my game as "An acurate and detailed Historical simulation".

I assume anybody taking the trouble to put this thing together is going to know enough about old Hex and counter games to neither read nor pay attention to most of the boiler plate. So for instance I tell you what a ZOC does but not what it is.

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