This guide is optimized for use during the Dawnfall Patch. I apologize for anything being outdated, but the author is currently inactive on TERA. However many core concepts remain the same between patches. Happy lancering :)

Lancers are a tank class in TERA whose role is to mitigate damage from other party members unto themselves, buff allies, debuff enemies, and position monsters so the DPS classes can put out more consistent high damage from behind targets to complete dungeons more quickly and smoothly. They do this with aggro drawing shouts and fast attacks which move them forward. While lancers have lower base movement speed than other classes, with high enough attack speed from new gear they’re actually one of the most mobile classes. A lancer is a fun challenge in PvE because you need to keep up with the DPS to hold aggro, otherwise your role can be quite futile. A good tank is always better than a DPS in their place.

Feel free to check back on this guide as it will progress as I become a better tank myself or just remember random tidbits to add. :p Also, if you're on the server Tempest Reach, you can whisper me in game with any questions if you can type my name.

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