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In my 7th grade science class, I would use this activity at the beginning of the genetics and heredity section/chapter.  It is a simple way of showing how genetics work.  There are only three traits being passed down so the students can see how it works.  It is not exact by no means but it will get the point across.  I will either put it up on the projection board or pass one out to each student.  We will go over it and hopefully they will get interested in their own heredity.  This would be good because I will have a project for each student later in which they would need to go home and try to find out about their family's past (as in lineage, etc.).  I may ask them to try to find out the past eye color, hair color, skin tone, height, weight, etc. of their past family members.  They will find these things out then we will get in groups, talk about it, then make short presentations individually.

This program will help me as a teacher to organize myself more and to make handouts/outlines for notes in difficult chapters/sections.  I will not have everything on the sheet/handout but this would help them move along etc.  It will help the visual learners a lot more than if I was just talking in front of the class and it may help the global learners as well.  The bad part of this is that some kids may not care about it at all because they are not visual learners and they find it boring and a waste of space, so to speak.  They may become irritated that I am giving them something to simple and may withdraw or act out.  This technology is much faster and easier to organize than pencil and paper.  It can move by itself to make sure everything fits while if this was paper you would have to start over if you didn't have everything planned out perfectly.  This program has spell check and colors.  Two things that definitely help any work look better.  The best thing about it though is how much time it saves the teachers.  It can make a three hour ordeal become 20 minutes.

This technology could help with a lot of the Loti levels.  It can help the teachers teach better and help the kids learn easier.  It could apply to the lower levels easily since it would be the teacher creating something for the students and discussing etc.  Or it can be used in the higher levels by students in high school to create projects and presentations.  They could use it for so much in their school work, whether it be teacher encouraged or not.  I know that I wish I would have had it during college.  It would of really helped me organize and prepare notes for test.  Since I am such a visual learner, I plan on using it for the rest of my college career for just that.  I will make outlines and visuals from my notes to make connections in the reading as well as many other incredible functions that I could of used it for in the past.  It is a wonderful tool and if more teachers used it on a daily basis, it would help a lot of students in this country.