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This is a newsletter that I sent home at the beginning of October that says what we have been doing, what we are doing now, and what we will be doing in the future.  It also includes class procedures, information about the costume party, and a "creature spotlight" that tells the kids all about Bob the Turtle.

This artifact really helped cement in the tools of templates, word, clipart, wordart, etc.  I also realized that it could really help the kids and parents to know what is going on.  It always helps to have something concrete to look at when you are confused or planning.  I am not sure how many teachers use these but I think there should be more.  It seems incredably useful and informative.


This is a calender of the month of August that I sent home with my students so that they knew when everyone's birthday was, the moon phases (this being a science class), and had a place to wirte down future assignments if they so desired.

Calenders are a great way to keep everyone up to speed on what is going on, a lot like the newsletter.  The calender tells people at a quick glance what is going on that day or a week from then.  It is a good place to list the kids' birthdays so the other kids know and it can teach about holidays.  Making this calender made me more comfortable with tmeplates, grids, clipart, and all that stuff.  At first it was irritating becuase nothing would fit and stay in it's place but with enough trial and error I learned a lot.

Attendance and Grade report

This is just an attendance sheet and grade report.  I can use this to keep track of when everyone was absent and what grades they made on assignments.  It automatically finds the averages for me as well as totals up the absences.

These can be incredably useful in the real word.  they save a lot of time and frustration.  You just set it up and you can come back anytime and enter data and it automatically readjusts the outcome.  It keeps the teacher from having to do it everytime and with so many kids, that can take a long time.  Before this, I was not very strong on excel but I feel like I learned a lot in a short period of time doing this.

Excel Pictograph

This is a visual representation of data that has been entered into Excel.  The graph that comes as a result uses pictures to show the different amounts and data.

Just like with the attendance and grade report, this taught me a lot about Excel.  I was very weak on it before this.  I learned how to make graphs and tables here.  I can even customize my graph to look how ever I want.  I did not know that a person could go that much into detail with it.  This could save teachers and students a lot of time in the classroom.  Excel can make a graph for you and adjust it whenever you adjust the data automatically.  With it, you can do so much more in a smaller time frame and that is always good.

Seating Chart

This is a seating chart that I made for my 7th grade science class.  We have 3 computers, 18 places to sit for the students (they are at tables, 3 at each), displays, a sink for lab clean up, a white board and projection screen, and 3 aquariums (fish, a snake named Jay, and a turtle named Bob).

Before I started on this artifact, I did not even know that you could draw in powerpoint.  I had always had to draw it by hand which takes a long time.  Powerpoint has so many abilities that help you draw.  It makes it very easy and fast.  Making a seating chart is something every teacher has to do at some point and Powerpoint makes it 100 times easier.  In the real world, Powerpoint will save so much time which i more for other classroom obligations.  More time means better preparations and a better classroom.

Business Cards

These are my business cards that I made while I teach 7th grade science.

I did not know that you could make business cards with Microsoft Word.  I always thought it had to be done in an office somewhere.  This could save a lot of money for a teacher and everyone needs more money.

Certificates 1 and 2

These are certificates of acheivement for kids in my class.  One is for perfect attendance and the other is for excellence in science.

Certificates make kids feel special and recognizes their excellence or help.  I think they are very important to a classroom environment.  I was pleasently surprised that there were even templates for something like this.  It just goes to show that they really do have a template for almost everything you would need.  I learned how to perfect wordart and clipart on this artifact.  Those are very important to the teacher and not just in certificates.  They make the kids feel good about themselves which in turn may help them do better in school.


This is a worksheet, more specifically a word-find, that is to be given to my 7th grade science class after a test.  It will give them something to do and keep their minds occupied while the rest of the kids finish their quiz.  It contains words and phrases from the next chapter so that they can start to think about them.

I was extremely happy to see that there were so many online sources of worksheets, permission slips, and games.  Without all these templates and websites, making a worksheet could take forever.  These web sites do all the work for you when it comes to games which gives me more time for other school activities.  This time is very important and will improve my teaching ability.


Lesson Plan Discussion

One lesson plan that I would like to have in my classroom is the Save the Species plan.  In this lesson plan, the students would see how human interaction with nature is affecting different species.  First, we as a class will discuss ecosystems and the environment.  The rest is all in the students hands, they would use Encarta and the internet to find an endangered species from around the world.  Next they would learn all about it, each student gets their own animal.  They then have to come up with a plan to save the creature.  Last they create a brochure using Microsoft Word or Powerpoint that advertises the importance of the species to the other students.  Last they are to write a letter to someone that can do something about the problem in which they try to convince him/her to help.  Word can be used for this as well.

Another lesson plan I like a lot is the Bats and Sound Lab.  The students will be learning about sound and how it affects animals in the natural world.  They will use Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, and the internet.  The students will first learn about how bats are affected by sound then they will go off by themselves and each take a different animal and learn/research how sound affects it.  They will make presentations from data they have collected and present them to the class about their animal.

The last lesson plan I want to talk about is the Exploring Pong Viability lesson and lab.  The students will explore natural and student made ponds and discover how changes in water quality affect the environment.  They will use Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, Publisher, and the internet.  Look at the physical, chemical, and biological status of the water from at least two different sources.  Then they will compare the data from the two or more ponds.  Next they will compare results with the results in the Global Water Project database and prepare a written report of what they have found.  They will identify organisms in the ponds and use this information to  identify the impact of that usage on the water quality of the two or more ponds.  They will be doing their own work and working together in groups.  I will not help on any of these lesson plans unless there is a problem or a question that they can not answer by themselves.