The Exec


Name: Ben Deacon

Course: Natural Sciences

Role: Responsible for the overall interests of the club, the activities of its members and the well being and future of LUCC. Ensures that the club is run for the maximum benefit of the members, in both competition andrecreational paddling. Represents the club in its relations with the BCU, the University of Lancaster Authorities and the Lancaster University Student Union. Responsible for relations with the Sports Centre and relations regarding the boat house and boat club. Must also ensure that the web site contains no offensive material and that it complies with both the Club, ISS and LUSU regulations.

Favourite Boat: Piranha Ripper

Favourite River:


Name: Sofia Skiming

Course: English Literature and History

Role: To take accurate and complete minutes at Exec meetings, Safety Committee meetings, the AGM and any EMG’s. Produce regular newsletters ensuring that the members are kept up to date, maintain the club website and membership, and to organise club merchandise.

Favourite Boat: Whatever I can actually fit into lol

Favourite River:


Name: Peter Baxter

Course: Natural Sciences


Favourite Boat:

Favourite River:

Polo Secretary

Name: Caterina Righetto & Katharina Huntenberg

Course: Environmental science | PhD Plant Physiology

Role (PS): Organise and encourage participation in BUCS polo and other tournaments e.g. North West leagues, Cardiff tournament and Liverpool international. Responsible for entering and organising transport to these events. To write competition reports from BUCS polo and to maintain regular contact with LUSU. Organise the polo training schedule, liaise with the polo captains and maintain the polo boats.

Favourite Boat:

Favourite River:

Safety and Kit Officer &

River Captain

Name: Jamie Marshall & Chris Tipuric

Course: Maths | English Literature

Role: To ensure that all equipment is maintained, safe to use and kit checks are taken termly. Make sure that a safety talk is given at the beginning of the academic year, that all members have completed the swim test and capsize drill and are aware of dangers on the water. Guarantee that the boat house and pool store comply with health and safety regulations, make an annual review and update LUSU’s risk assessment.

Favourite Boat: Waka Gangsta | Dagger GT

Favourite River: Leny, Scotland | Garbh Uisge

Training Officer

Role: Responsible for overseeing the organisation of on-going development training for all members whilst ensuring that there are enough people with qualifications to coach and run river trips. This includes organising WWSR, qualifications, referee courses and in and out of pool training. To arrange funding for these courses and ensure that a database is kept of members qualifications. Responsible for liaising with club coaches and overseeing the exec handover period.

The Role of Polo Secretary is currently not filled and so the role is being shared between other EXEC members.

Social Secretary

Name: Beth Lee & Sofia Skiming

Course: Fine Art and Creative Writing | English Literature and History

Role: To organise a range of socials, including a number of non-alcoholic events, with the intention of providing an opportunity for members to socialise and get to know each other, including end of term meals. Organising joint socials with other clubs.

Favourite Boat: Rowing boat | Something smol

Favourite River: The Nile | River Styx

Competitions Captain

Name: Kirsten Lee

Course: Medicine

Role: Organise logistics for, and encourage involvement in, BUCS events (WWR, Slalom, Polo) and other annual competitions, such as NSR. Liaise with LUSU regarding competition-related issues, such as organising locations for Roses WWR (when held in Lancaster), in conjunction with River Captain(s). Ensure the smooth-running of any polo tournaments held by the club alongside the Polo Secretaries. Generally work towards solving any issues that may arise regarding the club and competitions.

Favourite Boat: Zet Veloc

Favourite River: Tryweryn, the Durance Gorge, the Lower Oetz, the Landeck Gorge...can't decide!