Swim Chart

Welcome to the official LUCC Swim Chart!

In every group of friends there is an idiot. This eejit seems incapable of performing the simplest of tasks without falling flat on their face. Well good news! At LUCC we quantify stupidity, and award that lovable twassock with a prize at the end of the year at the Summer Meal (usually something embarrassing they must wear for the entire night).

ALL boating trips count – including mates boating – If you put yourself on a hard river, It’s not my fault if you end up upsidedown!

Use the forum thread to record all your moments on club organised events, on a river, a canoe polo pitch or at a social. You can nominate yourself or wait for someone to sign up for you. Don’t feel embarrassed, no member of the club, geriatric or new, beginner or pro can escape the Swim Chart!

Here is the scoring chart for this year, there aren't many changes from last year:

1 for a sketch (any dodgy moment, not including a roll, swim or pin)

1 for deck faff of any sort

2 for a roll/ T rescue

3 for a pin or a swim in the river (NB if you have a good roll, pool swims count too!)

5 for bank assistance/a green card in polo/getting lost

7 for assisted pin/yellow card in polo

Up to 20 - lost kit

20 for a red card in polo/a crashed vehicle

30 for an epic event of epic proportions

And if there are any other moments you can think of that aren't on that list, record them and points will be added as to what we think is suitable.

Happy boating xxx