Week 14

Post date: Feb 8, 2013 5:07:10 PM

Newsletter Week 14 - 4th February

Hi all! As you're probably aware, weeks 14 and 15 are part of the Exec Handover, which is an exciting time for us but please bear with us as we go through the teething stage. BUT on the up side, it looks like you have lots to look forward to...

River Trip

This week's river trip will be to the Leven, and will comprise both a beginner's bit and an intermediate/advanced section later on. Hopper has super-efficiently already put the sign-up on the forum so there's no excuse for missing out!


NSR sign up coming to forums near you soon...keep an eye out! If you don't know what this is, fear not! There is an epic video on the website that I would recommend anytime you get a bit bored.


In case you weren't aware, Tuesday training sessions have been going on in the evenings and we'd love to see more of you! Don't worry if running isn't your thing, there are lots of opportunities to go-slow; likewise if you're a hardcore runner there are extensions (schmooze with keen beans like Neil). And if we still haven't enticed you, you can always opt out of the run (5.00) and join us later for a climb (6.30) - don't worry if you haven't climbed before either. These sessions are really good for fitness as well as having a laugh and general catch-up, which you don't always get to do at the pool when you're still bleary-eyed and your brain isn't quite functioning yet. (Ditto certain socials) Details are on the forum.


This week's social is a cake-and-cinema night! This will be hosted chez-Phillippe (i.e. at Phil's) and will require you to come with cake and/or prepared to eat cake, watch films, and be merry.

ADVANCED WARNING!!: The week 15 social is the legendary Bin Bag Bar Crawl (try saying that three times faster...). This will be the official Exec Handover, and so will involve a boat race between the old and new Exec (be prepared to carry a sleeping Leyla home). However, the night is also themed: you must come wearing a costume made out of bin bags - no excuses! The standards from last year are very high, so we're giving you extra time to prep your fabulous outfits.


We would like to remind you of any outstanding payments, especially for montanes, and ask for them to be dealt with as soon as possible. At this busy time in the Exec it would be easier for everyone to have as little stress as possible, especially for Laura so be nice and pay your dues :)

And finally...

Rash vests, great for wearing in the pool and parading your Lanky pride at events (especially the Roses) are on the horizon. So start saving your pennies cos we wanna look fly when we rock up to York in May.

We hope to see as many of you at as many of the above events as possible!

Much love, the Exec xx